What is Swedish Tracing Paper and How Do You Use It?

Swedish Tracing Paper is a type of dressmaking pattern tracing paper that is fairly translucent, drapeable and best of all – it’s pattern paper that is sewable! This makes it an incredible choice for making muslins or toiles whilst dressmaking.

In this guide we’re going to talk you through the product, as well as offer a tutorial on how to use this amazing dressmaking pattern paper & how using it can save you both time AND fabric!

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Sew Your Own Appliquéd Christmas Bunting Tutorial

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, tra la la la!

There’s still time to top up your bank of Christmas memories & sew some fun festive bunting for the family to enjoy year after year…

This easy project is a brilliant little scrap buster. We’ve provided some cute (and FREE!) appliqué templates for you which can can request here

We’ve gone to town with the applique shapes & you can choose from Rudolf, a Christmas tree, present, a stocking, some holly, a bell, a gingerbread man, a bauble, a star – will you use them all?!

We’ve also suggested 2 finishes for your flags – pinked & stitched or turned & top stitched… choose whichever tickles your festive pickle!

We have used calico for the bunting flags- it’s economical & a great neutral background to showcase any colour scheme to help your scraps sing!

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9 Quick Homemade Gifts You Can Sew In Under 30 Minutes!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have decided you want to make some last-minute Christmas gifts for friends & family & you’re on the lookout for some quick & easy homemade Christmas present ideas

Am I right?!

I’m going to help you out here….

This is a round-up of some of our quickest & easiest sewing tutorials so you CAN whip up some homemade Christmas presents this close to Christmas!

Nothing says I love you like handmade… right?

Check out our round-up of some of our speediest sews that make quick handmade gifts ⤵️

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How To Make Your Own Pyjamas: Part 2

Hello Seam-Stars! Thanks for joining me again for the second post in our “Make your own Pyjama Bottoms” series

Yesterday’s post gave you instructions on how to make your pyjama bottom pattern. If you’ve not done that yet – you need to hop over and make your pattern pieces – otherwise this post won’t make any sense at all!

Don’t be daunted… there are videos and everything!

In this post we’re going to talk about the fabrics you can use to make your own pyjama bottoms, as well as a sewing tutorial on how to sew them up once you have created your pattern

Make Your Own Pyjama Bottoms
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Create Your Own Pyjama Sewing Pattern: Part 1

We all have that perfect pair of pyjama bottoms – just the right combination of comfiness, cosiness & enough room to account for a mini tea & biscuit feast on an evening! You could try to find a sewing pattern to recreate them, or you can follow our tutorial to create your own pyjama sewing pattern to exactly replicate your favourite PJs!

And the best part is this tutorial can be used to make any size pyjama bottoms. Sewing these is straight forward and definitely possible for a beginner…

Create your own pyjama sewing pattern
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What are Continuous Zips? A Product Guide

Ever wondered what a continuous zip is?

Does adding a zip pull to zip tape seem daunting?

We’re here to help!

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Calico fabric: What exactly is it?

Calico fabric provides a natural, blank canvas, perfect for mocking up patterns, marking down adjustments whilst on the form, draping and even as a base natural textile for printing on. This versatile fabric is cheap and easy to work with, meaning that you can perfect your designs before cutting into an expensive or rare fabric! 

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A Fabric Guide To: Flannel

Flannel – think cosy sheets, pyjamas, blankets, baby clothes and even shirts on rugged lumberjacks! 

This sturdy yet soft fabric is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with, but we have a few tips in this flannel guide to help you perfect your projects!

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A Fabric Guide To: Viscose

Viscose, also commonly known as Rayon or Rayon Viscose, is one of the most commonly used fibres in the world!

You’ll find it in your local high street stores sewn up into flowy summer dresses and blouses. 

It can even be used to make household items like bedding and carpets! 

In this guide, we won’t be advising how to run up a new rug (we’re not quite clued up on upholstery!) but we’ll be giving you tips on how to use this popular tree pulp-based rayon material, which is known for its silk-like properties! 

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13 Tips For Sewing With Bamboo Towelling Fabric

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable sources on the planet, but did you know that it can be used to produce a soft, strong and eco-friendly textile that is perfect for keeping cosy, mopping up spills and a variety of re-usable projects?!

Non? Well!  In this guide we’ll be talking aaalllll about bamboo towelling fabric, sharing how this super-fabric is made and giving you 13 sewing tips for handling this fluffy little fella of a fabric…

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