How to Enlarge A Collar With A Collar Expander – No Sew! Care & Repair Series #4

Welcome to post number 4 in our Care & Repair Series! Today we’re offering a solution to an annoying problem – how to enlarge a collar that is too tight… without any sewing! We’re going to be talking about how to use use a collar expander in this quick product guide.

We wanted to bring these little wonder products to your attention – who knew they were even a thing?!

These nifty little extenders are NO SEW and a great little temporary fix that can even be switched between garments.

How to enlarge a shirt collar

With this series of Care & Repair blogs we really want to bring into focus all sorts of different ways in which we can all reuse, repurpose, repair and rejuvenate the clothes that we already own.

A shocking 300,000 tonnes of discarded clothing goes to landfill every year in the UK. according to Wrap, the waste charity, this is up 5% of the UK’s carbon and water footprint. And small things like this can really add up.

Being able to adjust the size of a collar that’s snug can help give a shirt a longer life. These collar expanders can also be used on skirt or trouser waistbands too!

Expanders aren’t permanent fixtures to your garments so they can easily be switched between different shirts – just make sure you take them out before your shirt goes in the wash!

The collar expanders come in a variety of sizes and finishes…. make sure you select the best match for your garment, although it’s unlikely you will see it if you’re wearing a tie, you do need to make sure the collar expander will fit through your garment’s existing buttonhole

These plastic collar extenders will increase the neck size of a shirt by half a collar size and do not stretch.

The other metal extenders do stretch and come in a variety of sizes

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How to Enlarge A Collar With A Collar Expander

  1. Choose the collar extender that best matches your garment
Hemline Collar Extenders
  1.  Take the white disc in your fingers and feed the loop through the buttonhole. 
Collar Extenders Step 2
Collar Extenders Step 2 - Feed the loop through the buttonhole

  1. Loop the band over the existing button on the collar. 
Collar Extenders Step 3 - Loop the band over the existing button
  1. Alternatively you can start by looping the loop around the existing button and then feeding the white disc through the buttonhole. 
Collar Expanders Step 4

 5. This is what the collar extenders look like when used correctly.

Collar Expanders Step 5
  1. The larger collar extenders can also be used for waistbands. You need to match the size of the disc on the Expanders as closely as possible to the original button.

And that’s it! It really couldn’t be more simple, could it?

Check out Hemline’s video for a demo of the metal variety, which are stretchy, rather than fixed like this one

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Linking Collar or Waist Expanders Together

Should you need greater ease at the waistband or collar, the expanders can be looped together to create a larger stretch like this.

So you can see how easy it is to prolong the life of your garment if it’s become a bit snug.

Stay tuned for more posts in our Care & Repair series

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