What’s the best wadding for a hot water bottle cover?

What's the best wadding to use in a hot water bottle cover

Autumn is definitely here! And so are pricey energy bills, so there’s no surprise many of you are sewing up hot water bottle covers to help keep you keep toasty in bed whilst saving energy by avoiding putting the heating on. We’ve had lots of people get in touch to ask what is best wadding for a hot water bottle cover so I made this quick video to talk you through some options…

What’s the best wadding for a hot water bottle cover?

If you found yourself here because you’re making a hot water bottle cover then you’ll need a pattern so hop on over and grab yours here ! Our gift to you to help you out on those chilly nights… You can grab your free pattern & tutorial to make your own hot water bottle cover over here

What's the best wadding for a hot water bottle cover? Free sewing pattern

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If you are interested in the full details of the waddings I mention in the video then you can check them out over on our website :

Want to learn more about wadding/ batting? You might also be interested in our full Guide to Quilt Wadding here

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If you have any fabric or product-related questions please don’t hesitate to get to leave a comment! We love hearing from you and your questions give me ideas for helpful content we can create for you…

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What's the best wadding for a hot water bottle cover?

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    1. Hi Kate, it’s because you first requested this pattern back in March, the email automation doesn’t like to duplicate something it’s already sent but I’ve made a change on your subscriber account. If you request the pattern again now it should work

  1. Hi there, I have requested it too and am very excited about my first foray into sewing! Could you let me know how long it will take to arrive on my inbox? Thanks!

    1. Hi Olivia, I can see from your email address that the pattern was sent to you on Wed 16th November but the email’s not been opened yet – did you check your junk folder? Sometimes they might end up in there… email us at hello@plushaddict.co.uk if you don’t find it in there… thanks

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