20 Minute Peg Bag Tutorial


I have no idea why I keep doing laundry related tutorials seeings as I hate the task so much but it  just keeps happening so I’ll roll with it. Inspired by Makower’s new fabric collection which goes by the name of “Wash Day” I’m a complete sucker for anything kitschy and retro so I decided I needed this fabric to cheer me on through the dull laundry days. And this really did only take 20 minutes to put together, hooray! 

You will need:

1 fat quarter of the fabric of your choice.

1 fat quarter of Plush Addict white PUL which is here. (I suppose the PUL is optional but it gives the bags some structure and will also protect your pegs from rusting should you leave them on the line and they get rained on!)

50cm of bias binding, I used a lace edged bias binding one as it’s perdy and available here

A child’s coat hanger (I stole this from my daughter’s wardrobe, it probably came from eBay)

Make It Easier With:

Wonderclips, these are awesome and I much prefer them to pins these days, they are available here

Odif 505 temporary adhesive spray available here

Step 1

Lay your coat hanger on to your fabric and leave about a 1 inch allowance on either side of the hanger. Trim your fabric to size.Image

Step 2

Cut your PUL to the exact same size as the fabric. (I used a pinking blade on my rotary cutter as it gives a much nicer finish to the seams and is really easy to use) and then use some 505 spray to keep the 2 layers together


Step 3

Cut 2 strips of your bias trim to the same length as the short side of the  peg bag edge and sew along the 2 short ends


Step 4

Fold over the top of the fabric enough to cover the coat hanger and iron a crease line, and then fold in half down the length of the fabric and mark with a temporary fabric pen. You are marking where you are going to put the button hole to make the hole to put the hanger through.

Step 5

Make the button hole on your machine and carefully cut down the centre to make a hole


Step 6

With right sides together sew up the 2 sides of the bag. Clip the corners and turn out

Peg Bag Tutorial1

Step 7

Turn the right way and place the hanger in place and voila! You are ready to peg, so hop to it!


20 thoughts on “20 Minute Peg Bag Tutorial”

  1. Stunning. Great pattern and about to order the fabric. Also am in a peg bag swap in August so this one is great.

    1. Absolutely… It doesn’t need to be waterproof to be honest, I just used the PUL to add a stabiliser more than anything and the waterproof was an added bonus. You could use ripstop too which is even cheaper 🙂

  2. Great tutorial. My Mum & Grandmothers always made peg bags from my and my sisters’ worn/too small dresses, but the method was pretty similar 🙂

    1. Sorry but I do not seem to find what the measurements of where to fold the hanger part I gather that the bottom part is longer

  3. just tried this as a first project having gotten my firts ever sewing machine at Christmas. I must say it’s perfect to get you started and try a few thins out ! I did the version without the PUL and added a trim i bought from a craft shop for 50 p …what a buzz replacing my old shop bought peg bag with this one right away !

  4. Which way do you put the PUL against the material, smooth to wrong side or right side or fluffy to wrong side or right side? Many thanks.

  5. It is just me or is it really a fat quarter – I thought that was nearly square (50cmx55cm?) but the fabric looks much longer than the width. Maybe it’s just the ‘view’ but great pattern which I’m going to try.

    1. Hi Brenda, apologies – a mix up here with the previous response… a fat quarter is half a metre/ yard x half the width of the fabric so for fabrics that are wider (like PUL) you do get a larger fabric pieces if the width id greater that 110cm/ 44″

  6. Excelente y super fácil soy nueva en esto de la costura pero voy a atreverme a hacer este proyecto.
    Es sencillamente fabuloso…

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