Free Peg Bag Pattern & Sewing Tutorial

Summer is here! Time to get the washing out on the line. Fancy a new peg bag to make the whole experience a little more enjoyable? We’ve got a free peg bag pattern for you to download & sew.

♻️ Line drying your laundry rather than tumble drying is going to save both energy & money (and goodness knows we need all the help we can get right now!)  The planet thanks you for pegging! ♻️

Our original 20-minute peg bag tutorial still is one of the most viewed tutorials on the blog and it was one of the earliest I did… Call me vain, but it makes me cringe every time I look at it – I definitely didn’t have the Photoshop skills I do now! At least it’s a reminder of how far I’ve come 🙂

So…. in honour of the sunshine arriving & the popularity of that early post, I’ve revamped the peg bag tutorial and made the whole project a little more polished with a free peg bag pattern to boot

Free peg bag sewing pattern
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Washable & Reusable Bin Liner Sewing Tutorial

We’re always looking for new ways to go zero waste here at Plush Towers & one item we have been keen to ditch is the plastic waste-bin liner and we have been looking for a reusable alternative…

As the world, quite rightly, moves away from single use plastic bags that at one time many of us used to line small waste bins we have been pondering what a zero-waste replacement could be. We thought it was time to unleash into the world a tutorial for a reusable & washable waste bin liner!

This washable bin liner is the perfect zero-waste solution for all those light use bins in the bedroom, office or bathroom…

Reusable Bin Liner Sewing Tutorial
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How To Use Fold Over Elastic

Have you heard about fold over elastic? Ever wondered what this product is, where it can be used and how to apply fold over elastic?

You’re in the right place! In this product guide we’re going to shine a light on all things fold over elastic so grab a cuppa and read on!

Fold Over Elastic
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How To Use Waistband Extenders – No Sew! Care & Repair Series #2

Welcome to post number 2 in our Care & Repair Series! Today we’re offering a solution to a common problem – how to really quickly and easily extend a waistband… without any sewing! We’ll highlight this little wonder product and run you through why you might need them and how to use these waistband extenders.

Let’s be real. The pandemic has meant that many of us have put on some extra pounds and clothes might have become a little snug!

Or perhaps you’re in the early stages of pregnancy and could do with an extra bit of room before buying some maternity clothes?

And let’s not forget – some days we’re just bigger than others… This can be due to our monthly cycles, or perhaps eating certain foods can make you bloat.

You might need some extra comfort post-surgery, or just after a jolly good meal! Or perhaps something has shrunk in the wash (that old chestnut…!)

Our bodies can even fluctuate in size from day to day so a quick temporary fix can help ease discomfort.

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Free Tea Cosy Pattern

clip small V shaped notches in the seam allowance

Hands up if you love a cuppa! Drinking tea is almost a compulsory part of being British, isn’t it?! I love a cuppa and can’t start my day without one. There’s just something about the ceremony of a pot of tea… So my blog wouldn’t be complete without a Free Tea Cosy Pattern, now would it?!

We get a lot of questions about the best choice of wadding for a tea cosy so we’ll be talking about that too…

Free Tea Cosy Sewing Pattern
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How to Repair Bra Hooks: Care & Repair Series #1:

Have you ever wondered if you can repair bra hooks when they get mangled in the wash? Or how you can save a bra that’s perfectly fine, but needs its bra clasp replacing? Keep reading and we’ll give you instructions on how you can quickly & easily complete a bra hook repair.

In this post you’ll find a full colour tutorial on how you can replace a bra back – it’s really not that tricky either. Yay!

This is the first post in our new Care & Repair Series…. we hope you find the series useful

How to repair bra hooks: A tutorial
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Quick Homemade Gifts You Can Sew For Mother’s Day

Nothing says I love you like homemade, right? But what if you’re short of time?! We thought it would be a good idea to round up some of our most popular tutorials to help you sew up some quick homemade gifts for Mother’s Day this year!

Quick Handmade Gifts for Mother's Day
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Sew A Spa Set Series #7: How To Make A Round Makeup Bag Tutorial

Welcome to the last tutorial in our Sew A Spa Set Series! This post is for a super useful round makeup bag tutorial – useful and stylish! You’ll find a free pattern you can print at home and use as your round bag template.

We’re using this round drawstring bag as a handy storage solution for all the items in our Sew A Spa Set Series but it could easily be gifted (to yourself or a loved one!) on it’s own if you didn’t want to sew the whole set.

Round Makeup Bag Tutorial for Pinterest

There are 6 of handmade items in our  Sew A Spa Set Series. See the full set in the  Intro post

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Sew A Spa Set Series #6: Sew Reusable Cotton Pads

As we all start to look at simple ways we can reduce our waste, the bathroom is a great place to make some simple swaps! Did you know that disposable make up remover pads can often contain plastic?! Switching to reusable cotton pads is a quick and easy swap to help reduce your waste.

This tutorial is part of our  Sew A Spa Set Series – check the  Intro post  to see what else you can make for a relaxing day or evening pampering yourself, or a loved one and would make a great gift.

This project is also a great little scrap buster!

Reusable cotton pads

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Sew A Spa Set Series #5: Make An Eco-Friendly Shower Puff

Did you know that shower puffs are generally made from plastic? Maybe you’re looking for an eco-friendly shower puff that’s kinder to the planet?

Well you’re in the right place! Our version of the Eco-Friendly Shower Puff is made from eco-friendly bamboo towelling and is super simple to make, and best of all it doesn’t take many supplies either!

Sew an eco-friendly shower puff

We hope you’re enjoying the  Sew A Spa Set Series that this eco-friendly shower puff is part of. It’s a set of simple sews you can put together and gift as a whole, or on their own.

We think the Spa Set would make a gorgeous handmade gift for Mother’s Day… Check out the Intro post to see what else is included in the Spa Set.

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