Free Pattern For A Hot Water Bottle Cover

Hands up if you need a free pattern for a hot water bottle cover?!

A hot water bottle placed in your bed throughout autumn & winter will not only give you a lovely “warm hug” feeling as you slip under the covers, but it will also help save energy which both your purse AND the planet could benefit from right now ♻️

Free hot water bottle cover pattern tutorial

We wanted to maximise the cuddle factor so have opted to use buttery soft Plush fabric to compliment some quilting cotton pretties, but equally you could just use quilting cotton for your exterior fabric- it just won’t feel like a warm and snuggly teddy bear!

Plush fabric is gorgeously soft, tactile and luxurious. If you’re new to this type of fabric – check out our guide here for the full low down.

This hot water bottle cover comes together pretty quickly. You can easily sew it in an afternoon and it would make a great handmade gift.

We have provided a free printed pattern template designed to print on A4 paper and sized to fit a standard 2 litre hot water bottle measuring 33cm (h) 20 cm (w) approx.

We used this hot water bottle to create our pattern. If you’re making several of these for gifts then the template will also fit this pack of 3 hot water bottles (affiliate link)

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To make this hot water bottle cover you will need

  • A free copy of the pattern which you can request here. This PDF pattern is sized to print on A4 Paper.
  • 1/2m of exterior fabric – we used a mix of plush fabric & quilting cotton prints. See measurements below for how much fabric is required for each exterior panel
  • 1m 25mm bias binding (I made my own from a quilting cotton scrap measuring 25mm x 30cm. Binding that is cut on the straight grain, rather than bias works fine here)
  • 30cm of calico for the lining
  • 30cm of quilt wadding
  • co-ordinating thread

Exterior fabric rectangle sizes are as follows

  • Front panel 41 x 29cm (h x w)
  • Back Top Panel: 22 x 29cm (h x w)
  • Back Bottom Panel: 26 x 29cm (h x w)

Sewing equipment you will need

Important Notes

  • 1cm seam allowance throughout, unless directed.
  • For steps using machine sewing, straight stitch, backstitching at the start & end using stitch length 2.5 unless otherwise stated.
  • Prepare your fabrics as per manufacturer’s care advice
  • We have used an overlocker to finish the seams & prevent fraying, but you can refer to this post if you do not have an overlocker for alternative seam finishing methods
  • WST = Wrong Sides Together
  • RST = Right Sides Together
  • Read through the instructions fully before starting  
  • Make sure you follow your hot water bottle manufacturer’s usage & care instructions and do not over fill the vessel

How To Sew A Hot Water Bottle Cover

1. Print and assemble your pattern

You will need to print two copies of pattern piece A, two copies of pattern piece B & one copy of pattern piece C

Stick one copy of pattern pieces A & B together matching the sides. This makes the front pattern piece of the hot water bottle cover

Stick one copy of pattern pieces B & C together. This makes the back top pattern of the hot water bottle cover

The remaining pattern piece A makes the back top pattern piece of the cosy. You pattern should look like this

Cut and assemble your hot water bottle pattern

2. Cut The Fabrics

For the front panel

  • 41 x 29cm (h x w) of chosen outer fabric (if you are piecing fabrics see note below)

If you are using a variety of prints on your front panel: Cut and lay out your fabric pieces as you desire. Our quilting cotton section measured approx. 29cm wide x  29cm high . We then added a strip of Plush fabric to the top which measured approx 29cm wide x 15cm high

If you are using plush fabric pay attention to the fabric nap . Make sure you have enough pieced fabric to cover the front printed pattern piece with some overhang.

Cut and assemble your hot water bottle front panel

For the back panels

From your exterior fabric cut 2 rectangles

  • Back Top Panel: 22 x 29cm (h x w)
  • Back Bottom Panel: 26 x 29cm (h x w)

Cut the lining & wadding

Cut the lining fabric and wadding pieces a little larger than the outer fabric panel pieces to assist with quilting.

For each panel piece layer your fabrics to make a “quilt sandwich”. Lining fabric at the bottom, then layer the wadding, then the exterior fabric.

Cut the lining & wadding for your hot water bottle cover

3. Quilt your panel pieces

On the front panel & both back panel pieces, quilt the fabrics as desired. I chose a simple straight lines approx 1″ apart but quilt to suit you.

Quilt your hot water bottle cover

Now place the printed pattern  pieces on to the corresponding quilted panels.

Pin or weight the pattern down on the fabrics and cut around the printed pattern outline. I find this easiest using a small 28mm rotary cutter.

Your work will now look something like this

Cut out your hot water bottle cover panels

4. Make & Attach the bias binding

Make your binding strips for the back panel pieces by cutting a 25mm x WOF (Width Of Fabric) strip of fabric. Fold in half matching the long edges and press along the length.

Attach and pin/ clip the binding to back pieces lining side up matching the fabric raw edges with the edge of the back pieces as shown

Attach the binding to the hot water bottle cover back panels

Stitch the binding in place using a 1/4″ seam.

Press the seam away from the lining, flip the folded edge of the binding to the right side of the cover. Clip and top stitch in place very close to the binding edge.

Do this for both back panels.

Attach the binding to the hot water bottle cover back panels 2

Now you’re ready to sew it together!

Lay the quilted panel pieces on top of each other in this order

  • Front panel right side up
  • Back top panel right side down
  • Back bottom panel right side down

Secure with clips and stitch all the way around the edge using a 1cm seam allowance.

Finish the seams with your preferred method. Check out our post here for a few ideas.

If you prefer (and your overlocker is happy with all the layers) you can overlock around the edges – but watch out for those curves!

Assemble your hot water bottle cover and sew

And you’re done!

Now fill her up with hot water & get cosy toes next time it’s a bit chilly!

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