Understanding Different Types of Sewing Scissors

As sewing enthusiasts, we all know how crucial it is to use the right tool for the job. And let’s be real, scissors are our ultimate weapon of choice! But did you know that not all scissors are created equal? From pinking shears to fabric scissors to embroidery scissors, each type serves a unique purpose in the sewing world. Using the right type of scissors can make a world of difference, not only in the outcome of your project but in the overall ease and enjoyment of the process. So, let’s dive into the world of scissors and get to know our trusty crafty cutting companions a little better….

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Make an adjustable bag strap: Free sewing tutorial!

I recently found this fab vintage bag in a charity shop but the strap was too short for my liking… I decided to replace the strap so I could wear it cross-body, whilst adding a pop of rainbow at the same time ✂️ So here’s a quick post on how to make an adjustable bag strap!

This is a really easy project – knock one up in less than 30 minutes ⏰

Make your own adjustable bag strap
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What’s the best wadding for a hot water bottle cover?

Autumn is definitely here! And so are pricey energy bills, so there’s no surprise many of you are sewing up hot water bottle covers to help keep you keep toasty in bed whilst saving energy by avoiding putting the heating on. We’ve had lots of people get in touch to ask what is best wadding for a hot water bottle cover so I made this quick video to talk you through some options…

What’s the best wadding for a hot water bottle cover?

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How to Enlarge A Collar With A Collar Expander – No Sew! Care & Repair Series #4

Welcome to post number 4 in our Care & Repair Series! Today we’re offering a solution to an annoying problem – how to enlarge a collar that is too tight… without any sewing! We’re going to be talking about how to use use a collar expander in this quick product guide.

We wanted to bring these little wonder products to your attention – who knew they were even a thing?!

These nifty little extenders are NO SEW and a great little temporary fix that can even be switched between garments.

How to enlarge a shirt collar
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How to repair a trouser pocket: Care & Repair Series #3

Welcome to post number 3 in our Care & Repair Series! Hands up if you love a pocket?! 🙋‍♀️ Pockets are a complete joy to dressmakers everywhere… but what if your pocket wears out? Or are too small? In this post we’re going to walk you through how to repair a pocket, not in one but TWO ways!

This method can also be used to extend a pocket in a shop bought garment if the original pockets are too small for your needs. The joys of DIY, eh?! 

Read on to learn how to repair a pocket… it’s easier than you think. We’ve even got a no sew option for you… 

How to replace trouser pockets
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How To Use Fold Over Elastic

Have you heard about fold over elastic? Ever wondered what this product is, where it can be used and how to apply fold over elastic?

You’re in the right place! In this product guide we’re going to shine a light on all things fold over elastic so grab a cuppa and read on!

Fold Over Elastic
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How to Repair Bra Hooks: Care & Repair Series #1:

Have you ever wondered if you can repair bra hooks when they get mangled in the wash? Or how you can save a bra that’s perfectly fine, but needs its bra clasp replacing? Keep reading and we’ll give you instructions on how you can quickly & easily complete a bra hook repair.

In this post you’ll find a full colour tutorial on how you can replace a bra back – it’s really not that tricky either. Yay!

This is the first post in our new Care & Repair Series…. we hope you find the series useful

How to repair bra hooks: A tutorial
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Make A Quick and Easy Valentine’s Decoration

Do you want to make a quick and easy Valentine’s decoration?

You’re in luck! This is a super simple project you can whip up in a flash and is perfect for spreading the love this Valentine’s Day & we think the heart garland will look great in your home.

Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to make this quick and easy Valentine’s Day felt garland. You only need handful of a few basic supplies!

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What is Manilla Pattern Card?

Ever heard of manilla pattern card and wondered what it is, and how it’s used in the sewing industry?

This special card is used extensively by industry professionals, pattern cutters, dressmakers & couture houses alike. It is specifically manufactured for making dressmaking pattern pieces and pattern cutting blocks more durable.

But why leave this amazing product for the professionals to benefit from when the home sewist can find so many uses for it?!

If you have a “Tried & Tested” dressmaking pattern you might want to consider investing in some Manila pattern card to preserve the life of your perfect pattern pieces, as well as making them easier for you to trace around.

If you are pattern cutting at home or tracing standard blocks, using this card means they can your pattern pieces be used over and again as a starting point for all basic garments.

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What is Swedish Tracing Paper and How Do You Use It?

Swedish Tracing Paper is a type of dressmaking pattern tracing paper that is fairly translucent, drapeable and best of all – it’s pattern paper that is sewable! This makes it an incredible choice for making muslins or toiles whilst dressmaking.

In this guide we’re going to talk you through the product, as well as offer a tutorial on how to use this amazing dressmaking pattern paper & how using it can save you both time AND fabric!

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