Go Super Size with Extra Wide Fabrics!

Ever heard the term “wide backs” and wondered what it means? No – it’s not a dressmaking alteration for the broad shouldered!

Some of you beginner seam-stars out there have come across some fabrics on our website which are a huuuuge 106” wide and might think, why on earth would you need a piece of fabric that wide?! Well you’re in luck! In this blog, we’ll be going through why we need extra wide fabrics and inspire you with what they can be used for. 

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Quilt Backing Fabric

Hey Quilters! What if I told you that you never had to piece the back of a quilt ever again?! You may have started a quilt top and thought, oh no, what will I put on the back? The extra wide fabrics we have to offer on the website are perfect for this. It’ll save you SO much time, seem way less daunting, look really professional and can work out cheaper. Don’t just think about the back either! You can use extra wide fabrics for the front and applique over the top or practice your free motion quilting without hours spent on piecing blocks.

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Wide Fabrics for Curtains and Home Decor

Think about those super size projects! Curtains, duvet covers or maybe something you’re upcycling. We have lots of gorgeous designs to choose from to suit any home. 

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HUGE Fabric Scraps!

Don’t forget when you have finished with your main project, you’ll have some super wide scraps to play with! Why not make some binding for your quilt that matches the back? Maybe you could make a cushion to match? OR start a whole new quilt!

Where can I buy Extra Wide fabric?

We have a huge selection of extra wide fabric to choose from at our sewing superstore, Plush Addict. We’re based in the UK and will ship your order the same day if you order before 3pm, so you can get sewing in no time!

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