Washable & Reusable Bin Liner Sewing Tutorial

We’re always looking for new ways to go zero waste here at Plush Towers & one item we have been keen to ditch is the plastic waste-bin liner and we have been looking for a reusable alternative…

As the world, quite rightly, moves away from single use plastic bags that at one time many of us used to line small waste bins we have been pondering what a zero-waste replacement could be. We thought it was time to unleash into the world a tutorial for a reusable & washable waste bin liner!

This washable bin liner is the perfect zero-waste solution for all those light use bins in the bedroom, office or bathroom…

Reusable Bin Liner Sewing Tutorial
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Free Tea Cosy Pattern

Hands up if you love a cuppa! Drinking tea is almost a compulsory part of being British, isn’t it?! I love a cuppa and can’t start my day without one. There’s just something about the ceremony of a pot of tea… So my blog wouldn’t be complete without a Free Tea Cosy Pattern, now would it?!

We get a lot of questions about the best choice of wadding for a tea cosy so we’ll be talking about that too…

Free Tea Cosy Sewing Pattern
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Sew A Spa Set Series #6: Sew Reusable Cotton Pads

As we all start to look at simple ways we can reduce our waste, the bathroom is a great place to make some simple swaps! Did you know that disposable make up remover pads can often contain plastic?! Switching to reusable cotton pads is a quick and easy swap to help reduce your waste.

This tutorial is part of our  Sew A Spa Set Series – check the  Intro post  to see what else you can make for a relaxing day or evening pampering yourself, or a loved one and would make a great gift.

This project is also a great little scrap buster!

Reusable cotton pads

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Sew A Spa Set Series #5: Make An Eco-Friendly Shower Puff

Did you know that shower puffs are generally made from plastic? Maybe you’re looking for an eco-friendly shower puff that’s kinder to the planet?

Well you’re in the right place! Our version of the Eco-Friendly Shower Puff is made from eco-friendly bamboo towelling and is super simple to make, and best of all it doesn’t take many supplies either!

Sew an eco-friendly shower puff

We hope you’re enjoying the  Sew A Spa Set Series that this eco-friendly shower puff is part of. It’s a set of simple sews you can put together and gift as a whole, or on their own.

We think the Spa Set would make a gorgeous handmade gift for Mother’s Day… Check out the Intro post to see what else is included in the Spa Set.

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Sew A Spa Set Series #4: Free Eye Mask Tutorial

Welcome to the next tutorial in our Sew A Spa Set Series! In this post you can download our free eye mask template and find a step-by-step sewing tutorial on how to sew your own eye-mask suitable for long and luxurious self-care baths!

Our Spa eye mask is backed in super soft bamboo towelling to make it the perfect companion for your next candle lit bath.

Sew an eye mask tutorial

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Sew A Spa Set Series #3: Bath Headband Tutorial

Welcome to our Bath Headband Tutorial – the second tutorial in our Sew A Spa Set Series This post contains all the sewing info you need to sew up your very own bath headband.

There are 6 of these handmade items for you to make! Check out the  Intro post for the full low down.

What’s a bath headband you may ask?! It’s a headband that’s suitable to be worn in, or after a bath or shower. It’s made from super soft, absorbent (and eco friendly!) bamboo towelling making it’s suitable to be worn whether your hair is wet or dry.

This useful headband would make a fabulous handmade gift, especially if paired with the other items in our Sew A Spa Set Series.

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Sew A Spa Set Series #1: Handmade Gift Idea

Are you in need of a handmade gift idea? How about if that gift made the recipient feel super pampered? Or perhaps you need to gift this to yourself and maximise your self-care routine?

We’ve got you covered!

Welcome to the first post in our Sew A Spa Set Series. Over the next week or so we’ll be publishing our fab Sew A Spa Set Series Stay tuned as the individual tutorials drop every day or so!

The Spa Set includes everything you need for a relaxing day or evening pampering yourself, or a loved one. And nothing says I love you like a handmade gift, right?!

And with Mothers Day in the UK being just around the corner, I’m sure this Spa Set would be a treasured handmade gift this Mothers Day.

Handmade Gift Idea - Sew a spa set
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What is Manilla Pattern Card?

Ever heard of manilla pattern card and wondered what it is, and how it’s used in the sewing industry?

This special card is used extensively by industry professionals, pattern cutters, dressmakers & couture houses alike. It is specifically manufactured for making dressmaking pattern pieces and pattern cutting blocks more durable.

But why leave this amazing product for the professionals to benefit from when the home sewist can find so many uses for it?!

If you have a “Tried & Tested” dressmaking pattern you might want to consider investing in some Manila pattern card to preserve the life of your perfect pattern pieces, as well as making them easier for you to trace around.

If you are pattern cutting at home or tracing standard blocks, using this card means they can your pattern pieces be used over and again as a starting point for all basic garments.

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What is Swedish Tracing Paper and How Do You Use It?

Swedish Tracing Paper is a type of dressmaking pattern tracing paper that is fairly translucent, drapeable and best of all – it’s pattern paper that is sewable! This makes it an incredible choice for making muslins or toiles whilst dressmaking.

In this guide we’re going to talk you through the product, as well as offer a tutorial on how to use this amazing dressmaking pattern paper & how using it can save you both time AND fabric!

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Sew Your Own Appliquéd Christmas Bunting Tutorial

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, tra la la la!

There’s still time to top up your bank of Christmas memories & sew some fun festive bunting for the family to enjoy year after year…

This easy project is a brilliant little scrap buster. We’ve provided some cute (and FREE!) appliqué templates for you which can can request here

We’ve gone to town with the applique shapes & you can choose from Rudolf, a Christmas tree, present, a stocking, some holly, a bell, a gingerbread man, a bauble, a star – will you use them all?!

We’ve also suggested 2 finishes for your flags – pinked & stitched or turned & top stitched… choose whichever tickles your festive pickle!

We have used calico for the bunting flags- it’s economical & a great neutral background to showcase any colour scheme to help your scraps sing!

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