A Guide To Cotton Lawn Fabric

Use this guide to cotton lawn fabric to make 100% cotton projects. I just love cotton lawn… Have you sewn with it? It’s divine!

I thought I’d pen some tips and facts about cotton lawn as we’ve had lots of new designs arrive and it’s the perfect fabric to start thinking about using as the warmer months approach…

What is cotton lawn?

Well as the name suggests, cotton lawn is made from 100% cotton!

Cotton lawn originates from a place called Laon in France and has a smooth, polished feel.

It’s a very fine and lightweight fabric with a crisp finish. Cotton lawn has a lustrous sheen and a high thread count.


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What can I make with cotton lawn?

Lawn makes delicious children’s garments and is also suitable for adult clothing such as blouses, dresses, loungewear, summer dressing gowns, collars and cuffs. I particularly like using lawn for facings  to add a splash of colour and exciting design interest. Lawn is also an ideal choice for making handkerchiefs.

As the threads in cotton lawn are very fine the result is a subtle drape that is a great match for warm weather garments and linings. Garments made from cotton lawn are lightweight and cool.

Watch out for lighter colours which can be more transparent.

Cotton lawn doesn’t wrinkle easily and does keep it’s shape well, so if you’re a novice sewist cotton lawn would work well as a fabric choice.


Working With Cotton Lawn

  • Cotton lawn is a stable fabric so is a good choice for beginners
  • Use a finer needle such as a 60/8  and consider using a Sharps or Microtex machine needle
  • Depending on how fine your lawn is you might also want to consider using finer pins such as these, which are dreamy to work with.
  • The best choice for a seam finish is a French Seam. You can use an overlocker but your seam could pucker. A rolled hem would also be a great construction choice with cotton lawn.
  • Watch your tension to avoid seam puckering
  • It’s a good idea to use a pressing cloth when ironing cotton lawn because it’s so fine.
  • If you need to interface your garment the best choice is to use a sheer one like Vilene H180   
  • When marking your fabrics it’s best to use a water soluble marker to ensure the marks can be easily removed.

Pattern Ideas For Cotton Lawn

Here are a few patterns that cotton lawn would suit

1940s-wrap-dress-7-min.    eve-dress-mink3674_1made-by-rae-beatrix-sewing-pattern-600px


Check out more ideas here

Do you have any more tips for handling cotton lawn? Do let us know if you have any to share.

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  1. Thank you for the tips! When checking the tension, should it be tighter or looser than I’d normally have it for, let’s say, quilting cotton?

    1. Apologies for the delayed response – I’ve not been getting notifications. I wouldn’t change the tension – needle size, thread thickness perhaps

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