11 Tips For Sewing with Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric can be a little intimidating – how can you get something with so many holes in to stay together? But with a little technical guidance, mesh is actually very easy to sew, and can be applied to many different projects!

Mesh fabric comes in lots of different weights and types, used for different things such as sportswear, bridal wear, bag making and even practical purposes like workwear and equipment – but today we’ll be discussing the Polyester Mesh we sell which is perfect for bags and accessories!

Image: Road Trip Organiser from ByAnnie

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What is Mesh Fabric?

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Go Super Size with Extra Wide Fabrics!

Ever heard the term “wide backs” and wondered what it means? No – it’s not a dressmaking alteration for the broad shouldered!

Some of you beginner seam-stars out there have come across some fabrics on our website which are a huuuuge 106” wide and might think, why on earth would you need a piece of fabric that wide?! Well you’re in luck! In this blog, we’ll be going through why we need extra wide fabrics and inspire you with what they can be used for. 

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No Overlocker? No Problem! Finishing Seams without an Overlocker or Serger

Do I need an overlocker?

We see this question a lot! Everyone knows that the best way to give your projects a polished & professional finish is to make sure all of your seams are finished neatly – it’s not often we buy items in the shops and they are left with raw seams! As well as being aesthetically pleasing, appropriately finished seams can help your project or garment last longer, stay together better and strengthen the seams, which is ideal if you plan on washing it!

The best way to finish a seam to a professional standard is with an overlocker, however there are plenty of ways to finish seams using a regular sewing machine, or tools you already have too – meaning you can have a clean finish whether you are a beginner or advanced in your sewing, and have not yet made the leap to purchase an overlocker or serger. 

So here are just a few techniques on how to finish your seams without an overlocker or serger…

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A Rainbow Of Possibilities! Kona Fabric Guide

What is Kona fabric?

Kona is premium quality quilting cotton by Robert Kaufman and we believe it’s the quilter’s 1st choice when choosing fabrics for their projects! 

Kona Jelly Roll

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How many colours of Kona fabric are there?

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10 Tips For Sewing With Chalk Cloth Fabric

In this comprehensive guide to sewing with Chalk Cloth, you will learn 10 tips for sewing with chalk cloth fabric. In addition, you will also learn the benefits of using it for your different projects.

Look at our amazing Chalk Cloth it is so much fun to stitch with.

It works exactly like a traditional chalk board but it is a fabric. You can write on it, draw on it and the great thing is, it’s wipe clean, so that you can use it again and again. 

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Learn All About Insul-Bright

What is Insul-Bright?

Is your next project too hot to handle or too cold to hold? What you need is Insul-Bright! Learn all about Insul-Bright in this tutorial.

Insul-Bright is an insulated wadding that keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. It is made from metalised polyester film, with Polyester fibres needled through it. The polyester film reflects energy, hot or cold. The needled material is breathable and the fibres help resist conduction. You can use it for a variety of simple yet practical projects for the family and the home.

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11 Tips For Sewing With PVC Vinyl Fabric

Because of its versatility, it is but appropriate to learn tips for sewing with PVC vinyl fabrics.

Hands up if you knew we stock PVC vinyl

Really hope you’ve got a hand in the air right now! Cause if not whaaaaaat’r’u doinnnnnnn?!

PVC vinyl is such a versatile fabric with a variety of finishing options too!

There’s often a little touch on a project where a transparent fabric could finish it off to perfection; Little ‘glass’ panes in windows, a clear tab to hold an ID tag, a bag you can glance the contents of, an apron that doesn’t hide your outfit… there are so many uses big and small.

So here you have it, a comprehensive guide to sewing with PVC vinyl.

Oh and before you start reading… check out our PVC vinyl here!

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What is Vlieseline Decovil Interlining?

Have you heard of Vlieseline Decovil? Wondering what this interlining can be used for? Our product guide will explain what Decovil Interlining is, how to apply it, and what projects it’s best suited for.

Vlieseline have a HUGE range of interlinings & interfacings that can add structure to your projects (you can explore the full range of Vlieseline products in our online haberdashery here) .

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A Guide To Fat Quarters

So you see a new fabric collection and you’re like…


…but how much of it do I need? Can I afford them all? I can’t possibly choose!

Oh yeah, we totally get you.

This is why we offer fat quarter bundles so you can love it, make it & keep it!

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How To Use Odicoat Fabric Coating Gel

You will learn how to use odicoat fabric coating gel in this tutorial. In addition, we will be guiding you on its various benefits and uses.

Ever found the perfect fabric with the wrong composition for your project? If the missing element was waterproofing then we have discovered a brilliant solution; Odicoat. This clever gel gives fabrics a waterproof coating that is machine washable.

This isn’t the only use for this clever product, Odicoat also works as a fabric glue; Fabric can be applied to objects for decorative purposes.

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