A Beginners Guide to KAM Snaps

Looking for a quick and easy fastening? We have put together this super handy beginners guide to all things KAM snaps!

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Cloth Nappy Fabrics 101 Part 4: Notions and Fastenings

Hello! Today I’m taking a break from the fabrics today to talk about some of the notions and fastenings you can use when making cloth nappies. And welcome to part 4 of my nappy making fabrics guide, you can read the other parts in this series here.  Today you can enjoy up to 20% off KAM snaps, lastin and Aplix/ Touch tape hook & loop. Wondering what an earth these are? Fret not! All is to be revealed….  If you’d like to get involved in more than one offer this week but are worrying about the accrued postage costs – don’t! Just leave us a note at check out and ask us to hold your order until the end of the week then we’ll dispatch it all together and refund you any postage charges. We also have 20% off nappy making kits all week long.


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