How To: Make A Dribble Bib – Free Pattern And Tutorial

One of the most popular posts on my blog has consistently been The Best Fabrics for Dribble Bibs  & I’ve been planning on publishing a bib pattern & tutorial for a while now to compliment that post…

In these bibs I chose to use a cotton outer and a bamboo towelling & bamboo velour as backing fabric.

There are loads of other fabric choices you could use – check out the original post to run you through the options and the properties of each fabric

Free Dribble Bib Sewing Pattern

What You Will Need:

(measurements are for 1 bib)

Cotton fabric min. 25x40cm

Absorbent backing fabric min. 25x40cm (Read through your choices here. We prefer bamboo towelling or bamboo velour)


Kam snaps

*Important Notes*

1 cm seam allowance throughout, unless otherwise directed.

For steps using machine sewing, always backstitch at the start & end unless otherwise stated.

Pre-wash your fabrics

Disclaimer: Suffocation hazard. Never leave a child unattended when wearing a dribble bib. Always remove a bib when a child is sleeping.

Want a ready-to-use pattern? We’ve got you covered!

Click the button below to download the dribble bib pattern.

Boring Legal Bit: If you follow any tutorial or guidance found in this post, or on this blog, you agree to be bound by our disclaimer which can be viewed here

Step 1: Print and cut the pattern

Print the pattern above.

Use the 1” test square to check the sizing. If the sizing is incorrect check print settings.

Depending on the device used, select ‘actual size’ or deselect the ‘fit to page’ option.

Step 2: Cut your fabrics

Cut out the following:

1 outer piece

1 backing piece

Step 3: Sew the pieces together

Sew the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together with a 1cm seam allowance. On one side leave a 5cm opening for turning.

Step 4: Clip the curves

Clip notches or use pinking sheers around the curves.

Step 5: Turning to right side

Turn the bib out the right way and press.

Step 6: Top stitch

Top stitch all the way round the outside 3mm from the edge.

Step 7: Attach the Kam snaps

Attach the Kam snap at the desired positions:

Add the female snap section to your right of the bib, smooth side to the front.

And the male snap section to your left with the smooth side to the back of the bib.

Free Dribble Bib Pattern and sewing tutorial

And you’re finished – well done!

If you’re making this as a gift, why not create a few in coordinating fabrics to complement a range of outfits?

Want a ready-to-use pattern? We’ve got you covered!

Click the button below to download the dribble bib pattern.

We hope you found this tutorial useful!

Let us know how you get along in the comments below 🙂

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13 thoughts on “How To: Make A Dribble Bib – Free Pattern And Tutorial”

    1. I’ve not made one from this pattern but generally when I have made these the size from popper to popper varies from about 9.5 inches (nexborn) through to 12 inches (age 2) and 13.5 inches (for an older child). Check your popper to popper measurement and test it out for fit, depending on the fabric these can vary, if the fabric is very soft a smaller measurement will work, if the towelling or backing fabric you choose is thicker you may need a larger size. Have fun!

    1. I’ve not made one from this pattern but as you note the size varies depending on the age you are making for. I would measure from popper to popper (or velcro if that’s what you find easier) and aim for about 13.5-14.5 inches (for an older child 4-5 years). Adult sizes can be made too, generally about 18-20 inches round the neck, but again this depends on the size and individual need. Test one out with scrap fabric and see how you go!

      1. you can adapt the measurements around the neck so it’s suitable for an adult! Patchwork Valley has left a comment above with some recommendations 🙂

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