5 PUL Sewing Project Ideas

Have you ever used PUL fabric before? Ever wondered what type of makes you can sew up with this fabric?

We’ve got a round up of some of our favourite PUL fabric projects that’ll hopefully help you get your sew on!

We also stock a variety of different PUL fabrics and prints to suit all your sewing needs, whether it’s single layer PUL or sandwich PUL, you can buy PUL fabric in the UK from us! 

Whether you’re making a children’s dribble bib, reusable makeup pads or cloth diapers we’re sure to have what you need!

Read on for some waterproof fabric project ideas!

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Children’s Waterproof Swim Bag Tutorial

Whether your little one is lucky enough to be heading to the beach or pool on a summer holiday, or attending weekly swimming lessons, a swim bag with waterproof lining is perfect for keeping soggy swimsuits and accessories in and yourself dry!

Children’s Waterproof Swim Bag Tutorial

This swim bag is fully lined with waterproof fabric, even in the front pocket. This makes it easy to carry all of your swimming essentials without getting your clothes or other surfaces damp.

We’ve designed this to be the perfect size for your little one’s swimming kit – think goggles, costume, small towel, swim cap, sun cream (although the giant inflatable flamingo you’ll inevitably acquire will need a slightly bigger bag!).

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