Sew A Spa Set Series #4: Free Eye Mask Tutorial

Welcome to the next tutorial in our Sew A Spa Set Series! In this post you can download our free eye mask template and find a step-by-step sewing tutorial on how to sew your own eye-mask suitable for long and luxurious self-care baths!

Our Spa eye mask is backed in super soft bamboo towelling to make it the perfect companion for your next candle lit bath.

Sew an eye mask tutorial

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3 Project Ideas Using Beguiled by Libs Elliott

This has to be one our faveeeeee collections of all time (can we say that?!). Truly, Libs Elliott really knocked it out of the park this time, so of course we had to whip up project ideas using Beguiled by Libs Elliott to provide you with inspiration on what to make with such a fabulous collection.

But not only did we give you 1 make… we’ve given you 3 different project ideas using Beguiled!

Which one will you be trying first seam-stars?

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How To: Sew An Eye Mask – Free Pattern!

Raise your hands if you want to learn how to sew an eye mask. Eye masks are great if you need a little time to relax and unwind. They block out visual ‘noise’ around you as the darkness tricks your brain into the state of calm it associates with sleep.

Sew an Eye Mask Free Tutorial
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