Sew A Make Up Bag: Free Pattern and Tutorial To Make A Large Make Up Bag

Fancy making a roomy make up bag pouch to show off some fave fabric prints? We just LOVE a make up bag with an accent fabric –  it’s a really easy way to add sprinkling of extra interest to your project. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to sew a large make up bag. In addition, there is a free pattern to download.

This make up bag is a really great size. The finished bag ends up approx 28cm wide & 17cm deep… add to that a flat bottom & the fact that zip isn’t sewn into the side seams means the pouch is BIG! So you can fit loads of your make up or toiletries inside. Or use it for craft supplies!

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We’ve created a FREE PDF pattern for you to download and get stitching.

Download it below!

Get your free make up bag pattern here!

Click the button below to download.

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This project is well within the grasp of a confident beginner.

If you need supplies for this project you can find everything you need in our online Sewing SuperStore – Plush Addict. You’ll find links for everything we’ve used throughout this free tutorial to make it super simple for you! 

The fabrics we used in this project are from the Michiko collection from Makower & we think they make for a pretty elegant make up bag, the tassel is a darling finishing touch!

If you can bear to give it away after you’ve made it, this make up bag will make a beautiful gift for someone dear. 

How To Sew A Make Up Bag

Sewing Skill Level: Confident Beginner

You will learn

How to insert a zip

How to apply woven interfacing

Important Information!

1cm seam allowance, unless directed

Use a 2.5mm straight stitch, backstitching at the start & end using stitch length unless otherwise directed

You will need the following to sew the make up bag:

The PDF Pattern. Request your copy here 

1 FQ quilting cotton for lining (pattern piece C)

30cm x 35cm quilting cotton  outer A 

30cm x 40cm quilting cotton  outer B 

Scrap quilting cotton for Zipper tab measuring 2” x 3”

50cm fusible Woven interfacing (Grab a cheeky 10% discount off your next Fusible Woven Interfacing purchase with WOVEN10 One time use per customer.)

50cm x 30cm of  Fusible Fleece

12” zip (or longer) We used a 14″ zip and trimmed it down

1 x 10mm  tassel (or make your own with a tassel maker!) 


We used fabrics from the beautiful  Michiko collection from Makower available from our online fabric shop here 

Optional but very useful tools:

Clover Curved Awl

Wonder clips

Applique scissors

Let’s get started!…

Step 1: Cut your fabrics, interfacing & fusible fleece on the fold, as directed on the pattern pieces (request the pattern here).

Step 2: Iron the woven interfacing to outer fabrics A & B. For full instructions on how to apply woven interfacing please check out this post.

Step 3: Iron on fusible fleece to the Lining C following manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 4: Take 1 x outer A and 1 x outer B  & then sew with RST, taking note of which way is the top of your bag (especially important with a directional fabric – you don’t want to sew it upside down!).

Step 5: Press the seam allowance to one side (the darker fabric side) &  top stitch with 3mm stitch length.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 & 5 for the other side of the make up bag. You should now have fabrics that look like this.

Inserting The Zip:

Step 7: Fold back the end of the zip tape so it makes a right angle to the zip teeth. Tack with a couple of hand stitches.

Step 8: With outer piece face up lay the prepared zipper teeth side down.

Step 9: Take one of the outer pieces & mark with a pin ¾” from the left edge of the and 1” from the right hand side.

Step 10: With the zip teeth face down against the right side of the fabric, align the metal zip stop with the pin ¾” from the fabric edge.

Step 11: Aligning the zip tape with the raw edge of the fabric pin the zip in place. Baste the zip in place with ⅛” seam allowance aligning the fabric edge. Stop stitching at the 1” mark at the other end of the fabric.

Step 12: Lay the lining piece face down to sandwich the zip between the outer and lining fabrics.

Step 13: Stitch the zip in place with ¼” seam. When you get to the point you have marked 1” from the other end stop with your needle down.

Step 14: Pull the zipper tape away from the raw edge so the zipper is no longer in line to be stitched.

Pro Tip – A curved awl like this one is a very helpful tool here) Carry on with the seam to the edge of the fabric, stitching through the outer and lining fabrics only.

Step 15: Trim the fusible fleece excess out of the zip seam allowance.

Pro tip – These applique scissors make this a cinch & lessen your chances of cutting in to your fabrics by mistake.

Step 16: Finger press the zip seam,  but don’t top stitch yet.

Step 17: Repeat steps 5 – 8 for the other side of the zip. Remembering to mirror the markings points as the outer piece is a mirror. Your project should now look like this…

Get your free pattern to sew a make up bag here!

Click the button below to download.

Sewing Up The Pouch:

Step 18: Open the zipper half way for turning purposes & pin the loose zipper tail to the lining to keep it out of the way.

Step 19: Bring together the 2 x outer pieces & 2 x lining pieces RST. On the outer pieces pin/ clip at the seam join & then clip all the way around, making sure the seam match at the outer seam and the zipper.

Step 20: Sew down both both side seams only.

Step 21: Trim away the excess fusible fleece from the seam allowance.

Step 22: Sew the bottom seam of the outer layer, then sew the lining fabric but leave a 4”-5” turning gap. Trim away the excess fusible fleece from the seam allowance.

Sewing The Corner:

Step 23: On each corner match the seams.

Step 24: Clip the bottom seams together & then sew, making sure the seam allowances are sewn open. Do this for all corners.

Step 25: Trim back the excess fabric on the corner seams to ¼”. Repeat for all 4 corners.

Step 26: Trim excess fabric at either end of the zip, being careful not to cut your stitch line.

Step 27: Turn your bag to the right side through the hole left in the lining & then stitch the hole closed either by hand or by machine with a very scant seam.

Step 28: Top stitch all round the top of the bag with a 3.5mm stitch length.

Adding The Zipper Tab

Step 29: Crop off any the excess on zip tail to suit your desired length – you need to leave at least 1”.

Step 30: Take your zipper tab fabric and press in each edge by 1cm, then fold in half along the long side. With both short ends folded in 1cm, place 1 folded edge at the reverse of the zip and wrap both sides around the zip tape.

Step 31: Once both sides are wrapped around fold up the long side in half and match the 2 short folded edges and pin/clip in place.

Step 32: Stitch around the 4 sides of the zip tab with a ⅛” seam.

Pro Tip – the Clover curved awl can really help here for tucking in the edges of fabric that want to peek out!

Press your bag and you are finished!

Get your free make up bag pattern here!

Click the button below to download.

All done!

We hope you found this tutorial useful!

Let us know how you get along in the comments below 🙂

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