Countdown to Christmas 2021 in style!

Grab yourself an advent calendar and count down to Christmas 2021 in style!

With December 1st just 8 weeks away, it’s time to think about how you’ll be counting down to the big day this year!

We have a huge range of advent calendars to offer that are super easy to make and really quick too! You could even make them with the kids and make memories together.

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Free Pattern For A Water Bottle Carrier

♻️ Hands up if you’re trying to reduce your plastic waste! Ditching plastic bottles of water in favour of a refillable water bottle is a no-brainer, right? Then you’ll need our free pattern for a water bottle carrier, for sure!

And our pattern is really cleverly crafted too!

We’ve designed this water bottle carrier with children in mind… so us grown-ups can feel less like a cart-horse & empower the youngsters to carry their own water 💦  

The clever thing about this pattern is the multi-way strap – kids can carry their water on their scooter, their book bag OR wear it cross-body

Watch the multi-way strap in action to see what we mean below

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