Free Tea Cosy Pattern

Hands up if you love a cuppa! Drinking tea is almost a compulsory part of being British, isn’t it?! I love a cuppa and can’t start my day without one. There’s just something about the ceremony of a pot of tea… So my blog wouldn’t be complete without a Free Tea Cosy Pattern, now would it?!

We get a lot of questions about the best choice of wadding for a tea cosy so we’ll be talking about that too…

Free Tea Cosy Sewing Pattern
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Learn All About Insul-Bright

What is Insul-Bright?

Is your next project too hot to handle or too cold to hold? What you need is Insul-Bright! Learn all about Insul-Bright in this tutorial.

Insul-Bright is an insulated wadding that keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. It is made from metalised polyester film, with Polyester fibres needled through it. The polyester film reflects energy, hot or cold. The needled material is breathable and the fibres help resist conduction. You can use it for a variety of simple yet practical projects for the family and the home.

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