How To Use Waistband Extenders – No Sew! Care & Repair Series #2

Welcome to post number 2 in our Care & Repair Series! Today we’re offering a solution to a common problem – how to really quickly and easily extend a waistband… without any sewing! We’ll highlight this little wonder product and run you through why you might need them and how to use these waistband extenders.

Let’s be real. The pandemic has meant that many of us have put on some extra pounds and clothes might have become a little snug!

Or perhaps you’re in the early stages of pregnancy and could do with an extra bit of room before buying some maternity clothes?

And let’s not forget – some days we’re just bigger than others… This can be due to our monthly cycles, or perhaps eating certain foods can make you bloat.

You might need some extra comfort post-surgery, or just after a jolly good meal! Or perhaps something has shrunk in the wash (that old chestnut…!)

Our bodies can even fluctuate in size from day to day so a quick temporary fix can help ease discomfort.

We wanted to bring this little wonder products to your attention – who knew they were even a thing?!

And as these nifty little extenders are a NO SEW temporary fix it means they can even be switched between garments to extend their life.

How to use Waistband Extenders

With this series of Care & Repair blogs we really want to bring into focus ways in which we can all reuse, repurpose, repair and rejuvenate the clothes that are already in our wardrobes.

300,000 tonnes of discarded clothing goes to landfill every year in the UK, making up 5% of the UK’s carbon and water footprint, according to Wrap, the waste charity. There’s never been a more important tome to make do and mend.

Being able to easily adjust the size of waistbands can help give them an extra lease of life and also improve their comfort by adding a little extra room. The wasit band extenders generally give you and extra will extend the waistline by approximately 2.5cm- 5cm on your waist band and are suitable for trousers, jeans or skirts.

No need to replace perfectly good garments that haven’t worn out; this is better for our wallets and for the planet – win win!

Extenders are not permanent fixtures to your garments so they can easily be switched out as required. Just make sure you remove them before laundering!

The waist extenders come in a variety of options…. make sure you select the best match for your garment.

You can also link multiple extenders together to achieve the level of fit you require – read to the end of this post to see this in action…

Check our full range of Care & Repair products here

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How to use waist band extenders

  1. Select the Waist Band Extender product which best matches the fastening and colour of your garment. There are button, hooks and jean button products to choose from

Waistband Expander

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2. Thread the existing fastening through one of the holes on the extender piece

Waistband Expander  2

3. Thread the fastening on the extender through the garment hole

How to expand a jeans waistband

Voila! Extra comfort at the waist in a jiffy!

Check out Hemline’s video here to see how the hook product works

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Linking Waistband Extenders Together

Should you need even greater ease at the waistband, the extenders can be looped together to create a larger stretch like this.

Waistband Expander 3

See how easy it is to prolong the life of your garment if it’s become a bit snug!

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