Sew A Spa Set Series #5: Make An Eco-Friendly Shower Puff

Did you know that shower puffs are generally made from plastic? Maybe you’re looking for an eco-friendly shower puff that’s kinder to the planet?

Well you’re in the right place! Our version of the Eco-Friendly Shower Puff is made from eco-friendly bamboo towelling and is super simple to make, and best of all it doesn’t take many supplies either!

Sew an eco-friendly shower puff

We hope you’re enjoying the  Sew A Spa Set Series that this eco-friendly shower puff is part of. It’s a set of simple sews you can put together and gift as a whole, or on their own.

We think the Spa Set would make a gorgeous handmade gift for Mother’s Day… Check out the Intro post to see what else is included in the Spa Set.

There are 6 items that make up the Spa Set and if you’re pushed for time, each of these handmade items would make a great small gift on their own.

We’ve designed these mini projects to be quick & easy, so you can sew a Spa Set that you could use on a relaxing day off, or as a last minute gift for friends or family.

Request the Sew a Spa Set Series Templates here

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We’ve used bamboo towelling to make most of these useful Spa Set accessories as it’s super soft, absorbent, lends itself well to reusable items & it’s also environmentally friendly!

Our guide is full of helpful info, as well as some top tips!

Read our 13 Tips for Sewing with Bamboo Towelling Fabric here

We hope you enjoy sewing and gifting these handmade items!

How to Sew An Eco-Friendly Shower Puff

Important Notes:
  • 1cm /  ⅜” seam allowance throughout, unless directed.
  • We used an overlocker to finish our seams. If you don’t have an overlocker check out this post for other seam finishing options
  • For steps using machine sewing, straight stitch, backstitching at the start & end using stitch length 2.5 unless otherwise stated.
  • Prepare your fabrics as per manufacturer’s care advice – we recommend pre-washing all fabrics used in this project as they will be used to make items that will be washed frequently

To Make The Shower Puff You Will Need:

Sewing Kit You Will Need to Sew a Spa Set:

Making the Eco-Friendly Shower Puff

You’ll find step by step written instructions below, but here’s a summary video to get you started

1. Pre-wash your fabrics

We recommend pre-washing all fabrics used in this project as they will be used to make items that will be washed frequentl

3. Cut & Edge Your Fabric


If you’re not making any of the other items just cut from Bamboo Towelling two rectangles measuring 35cm x 8cm

  • Either overlock around all 4 the sides of both pieces of bamboo towelling rectangles, or finish with a zig-zag stitch
4. Sew your fabric
  • Place your main pieces, WS (wrong sides) together and create a channel 1.5cm / ⅝” wide in the centre of the strip.
  • You can either measure and mark where the channel lies on the main pieces, or lie your cord length across and mark where the channel lies by eye

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  • Feed your cord through the channel.

Sewing Shower Puff - Feed cord through the channel
  • Pull the ends of the main pieces together around the cord, gathering it along the cord. Shape this into a typical puff shape, tying a double knot in the cord when you are happy with the shape, to secure the puff. 
Sewing Shower Puff - Double Knot in the cord to secure the puff

And you’re finished, well done!

There are just 2 more items in our Sew A Spa Set Series… Next up is a tutorial to take you through how to Sew Reusable Cotton Rounds

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