Sew A Spa Set Series #1: Handmade Gift Idea

Are you in need of a handmade gift idea? How about if that gift made the recipient feel super pampered? Or perhaps you need to gift this to yourself and maximise your self-care routine?

We’ve got you covered!

Welcome to the first post in our Sew A Spa Set Series. Over the next week or so we’ll be publishing our fab Sew A Spa Set Series Stay tuned as the individual tutorials drop every day or so!

The Spa Set includes everything you need for a relaxing day or evening pampering yourself, or a loved one. And nothing says I love you like a handmade gift, right?!

And with Mothers Day in the UK being just around the corner, I’m sure this Spa Set would be a treasured handmade gift this Mothers Day.

Handmade Gift Idea - Sew a spa set

There are 6 items that make up our Sew A Spa Set Series and if you’re pushed for time, each of these handmade items would make a great small gift on their own. You could even save these handmade gift ideas for later and build the set up over the year!

We’ve designed these mini projects to be quick & easy, so you can Sew A Spa Set that you could use on a relaxing day off, or as a last minute gift for friends or family.

So what’s in the Spa Set I hear you cry?!

Check out our little Promo video!

Tutorials Included in the sew a Spa Set Series are:

  • A bamboo towelling backed Bath Mitt which has a pocket for a bar of soap
  • A bamboo towelling backed eye mask – perfect for a relaxing bath
  • A bamboo towelling Bath Headband you can use on wet or dry hair to keep your hair out of the way both during (or after!) your bath
  • Some reusable, pretty bamboo towelling Reusable Cotton Pads to take your make up off – again and again!
  • An Eco-Friendly Shower Puff made form sustainable bamboo towelling
  • A Round Makeup Bag with a drawstring bag to safely store the Spa Set you have lovingly sewn

Request the Sew a Spa Set Series Templates here

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What fabrics do I need to Sew the whole Spa Set?

This post contains the fabric requirements to make the whole Spa Set so you can start to gather your supplies…

If you’re just making one item we’ll put requirements on each post as they are published but please download the templates so you’re all set to go!

To make ALL 6 items in the Sew A Spa Set Series you will need :

ItemAmount requiredWe used
Cotton Fabric A (Bag Outer)0.6m / 0.7yDashwood Studio Tree of Life – Treetop 
Cotton Fabric B (Bag Lining)0.6m / 0.7yDashwood Studio Tree of Life – Montage
Cotton Fabric C (Coordinate)0.25m / 0.3yDashwood Studio Tree of Life – Floral Diamonds
Soft Elastic (Eye Mask)0.5m / 0.6yVelvet Elastic Ribbon 10mm Wide – Olive Green
Fusible Fleece0.6m / 0.7yVlieseline / Vilene Fusible Fleece Interfacing H630 – White
Bamboo Towelling0.5m / 0.6yPremium White Bamboo Terry Towelling
10mm Wide Elastic2.5m / 2.8yWoven Ribbon Elastic – 10mm White
Elastic Cord2m / 2.2yRound Elastic Cord – 3mm Wide Dark Teal
Two Hole Cord Toggle1Hemline Adjustable Cord Toggles Twin Hole – White 6mm

We’ve used super soft bamboo towelling to make many of these useful Spa Set pamper accessories because it’s super soft, absorbent, lends itself well to reusable items. It’s also more environmentally friendly than cotton towelling.

Read more about Bamboo Towelling in our full guide and gain some pro sewing tips too!

Read our 13 Tips for Sewing with Bamboo Towelling Fabric here

Other project ideas the Sew a Spa Set Series templates can be used for

Once you download the Sew a Spa Set templates there are other projects you could use the patterns for… here’s some ideas for you:

Request the Sew a Spa Set Series Templates here

  • Spa Headband Sewing Template – Switch out the towelling for fleece or another fluffy fabric to make a cute winter ear warmer
  • Reusable Cotton Pads template – size up, or change the shape to a square (and make up using the same process) to make reusable wipes or rounds
  • Eye Mask Sewing Pattern – omit the binding & layers, cut from felt and mark eye holes to make a simple kids mask
  • Bath Mitt Sewing Pattern – make from dark coloured microfibre, fine towelling or foam style fabric to make a fake tan mitt. Omit the soap pocket and make a baby bath mitt
  • Round makeup bag Sewing Pattern – size up or down to make gift bags, makeup bags, storage bags. You could even line it with PUL fabric and make an adjustable shower cap!

Sewing Kit You Will Need for the Sew a Spa Set Series:

So let’s move on to the first tutorial in the Sew A Spa Set Series! Sew a Bath Mitt

We hope you enjoy making these handmade items! Leave us a comment if you do and let us know how you get on. We’d love to hear from you!

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