What are Continuous Zips? A Product Guide

Ever wondered what a continuous zip is?

Does adding a zip pull to zip tape seem daunting?

We’re here to help!

Here at Plush Addict we offer a huuuuge selection of zips for sewing to help your projects achieve the look you dreamt of!

With zipper tape choices ranging from rainbow to block colour… flat to flowery zip pulls, we’re sure to have something for your next project.

Read on for more info and see our tutorial on how to add zip pulls to continuous zip tape…

What is a continuous zip?

Continuous zips differ from others in that the zipper tape comes on a roll, without zip pulls so you are able to size your zip to perfectly match your project…

Why would you use a continuous zip?

The benefit of a continuous zip on a roll is the versatility it brings – the length can be whatever you need (within reason) and they offer greater personalisation: you choose the tape and pull combo that suits you/ your project best!

Waste less: As you just use the amount of zip tape you need there is an environmental benefit to continuous zipper tape; with a little planning waste can be kept to a minimum and a length, with enough pulls ordered, can become multiple zips.

Any length: Cutting zip tape to size means you can have REALLY long zips!

Multiple zip pulls: It also means you can add TWO zipper pulls to your tape, giving you a funky zip just like this one

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Video Tutorial: How To Attach Zipper Pulls to Zipper Tape

Check out our video on how to attach zipper pulls to continuous zipper tape

Keep scrolling if you prefer a written tutorial….

Photo Tutorial: How To Attach Zipper Pulls to Zipper Tape

You will need:

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Important notes

  • Some zip tape comes with a pull/ slider, check the item description for details.
  • When ordering zip pulls check they correspond with the tape size/ brand being purchased.


1. Cut the tape to the required length. Use domestic scissors to cut through the teeth.

2. Seal the ends of the tape gently, take care not to damage the zipper teeth.

3. Pull the bottom 10cm of the zipper teeth apart.

4. With the back of the zip pull and back of the tape facing upwards thread 1 end of the tape into the zipper from the top. To make this easier angle the teeth into the pull from the side.

5. Repeat step 4. on the other side. Both sets of teeth want to sit toward the top of the clasp.

6. Keeping the 2 sides of teeth level with each other, hold the zip pull between one finger/ thumb then draw the 2 sides of the tape down through the pull with the other hand. The zip pull should then begin to move up the tape.

Alternatively, you may find it easier to place the zipper pull between the prongs of a fork (check out the video above!)

7. Slide the pull toward the top of the tape (without coming off the other end) then pull it back down to check the zip works.

8. If 2 zip pulls are required, repeat steps 1. To 5. from the other end of the tape.

And you’re done!

Handy Hint

If you find yourself struggling using this method try using a fork to hold the zip pull for you: tuck the bar of the zip between the central teeth (not the clasp where the teeth need to go).

…And if your fork won’t stay still; hold it steady with a blob of blue-tack.

Want to learn how to sew a zip in?

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We hope you found this tutorial useful!

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