Learn All About Digital Print Fabric

Have you ever heard that digital printing on fabric is more eco friendly?!

Were you curious about Digital Print Fabric & wondered what it even is?

We’re here to help! Grab a coffee & learn all about digital print fabric and the print industry!

Digital Print Fabric

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So what’s the explanation for this method being more environmentally friendly…

It’s all about energy consumption!

Digitally printed fabrics can be less wasteful than screen printed fabrics because the printing process involves:

  • Minimised ink usage
  • Less water is used due to screens not needing to be washed between colours 
  • Smaller print runs are possible
  • Reduction in unnecessary waste is likely 

All of this combined means that less energy is used, resulting in a smaller environmental impact.

It all contributes, every little bit helps!

digitally printed fabric

Fabrics that have been printed using a digital fabric printed DO indeed look different from other printing methods in textile manufacturing, that are traditionally seen in the textile industry… the colours ARE brighter… the images ARE sharper and as a matter of fact the print can often look photographic!

This vibrancy is achieved because the printer and printing inks used are similar to an inkjet printer like you use at home (albeit a LOT bigger!).

As well as more colours being used to create some visually VIVID fabric!

Digital fabric is precise & consistent much like screen printing allowing for printing machines to create sharper edges.

Ink jet is also less likely to bleed – giving you the crisp AND the sharp!

digital fabric is precise and consistent

Get your pennyworth with our range of digitally printed fabrics!

The cloth is 140cm wide AND priced from £9 per metre – they’re great value for money!

Have you considered trying digital printed fabric before? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this fabric!

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