The Plush Crochet-Along: Day 7

Hey crocheter! Are you proud you have managed to learn to crochet your very first granny square? 

If you’re feeling totally hooked, you’ll be wanting to make some more so we thought we would go through how to attach squares together, to make a granny square blanket. 

Also I’ll be going through jargon busting all the crochet abbreviations and sharing the final PDF pattern for the heart granny square so you can make some more! 

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Joining Granny Squares Together

There are lots of methods out there to join your crocheted squares together to make one big piece. 

We are going to simply stitch them together with the right sides facing each other.

  1. Put the squares right sides together and thread your yarn needle. 
  1. Loop the yarn through to secure it with a knot. 
  1. Put your needle through the two middle loops of each stitch and work across until they are attached.

Need a video tutorial to help? Check it out below – 

Left Handed

Right Handed

Wow! Did you think you’d be making a whole blanket by the end of this crochet-along? 

Instead of referring back to the 7 emails we have sent over the past week, we thought it would be best to release the full pattern as a PDF for you to print and refer to again and again.

Boring Legal Bit: If you follow any tutorial or guidance found in this post, or on this blog, you agree to be bound by our disclaimer which can be viewed here

To read the pattern and any other crochet patterns in the future, you’ll need some jargon busting tips!

Crochet Abbreviations

We have listed all of the stitches we can think of below, and the matching video tutorials in case you need a little refresher on how to do each of the stitches. Here are all the abbreviations you should need to know, along with the UK terms should you need them for any future patterns. The heart granny square pattern provided in this Crochet-along is in US terms.

USUKVideo Link
ch – Chainch – ChainRight Handed:
Left Handed:
ss – Slip Stitchss – Slip StitchRight Handed:
Left Handed:
sc – Single Crochetdc – Double CrochetRight Handed:
Left Handed:
hdc – Half Double Crochethtr  – Half TrebleRight Handed:
Left Handed:
dc – Double Crochettr – TrebleRight Handed:
Left Handed:
tr – Treble Crochetdtr – Double trebleRight Handed:
Left Handed:
fo – Fasten Offfo – Fasten OffRight Handed:
Left Handed:

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for some more crochet goodness in the future!

Missed a day in our crochet-along?

Click the “Plush Crochet-Along” tag on the left hand side of this page or click here to see the entire series on our blog.

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  1. Haven’t started yet as I am quilting,I am really looking forward to learning to crochet, saved all the crochet along and would love to make a granny square . I would really like to make a Christmas wreath.

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