The Plush Crochet-Along: Day 5

Hi, we’re back with another crochet for beginners lesson! 

Are you hooked on crochet yet? If you have completed all of the days so far, you have learnt all of the stitches needed to complete our heart granny square project! 

Today we will be completing row 4 of our granny square with chain stitches and double crochet, which together is known as the granny shell stitch. If you need a refresher on any of the stitches, you can check out our Crochet YouTube series here. 

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Blocking Granny Squares

After yesterday’s lesson, you could have a red heart in a white square. If your square isn’t looking too square shaped, try pulling your loop on the crochet hook so it’s a little larger, put your hook down and put your fingers into each of the chain 2 corner spaces and tug it outwards so it changes shape slightly. Some crocheters make ‘blocking boards’ which are a piece of board with pegs in to keep their finished granny squares on so they keep their shape.

Here’s a quick video to show you how:

Left Handed

Right Handed

Once you’re happy that your square is square shaped, let’s continue with row 4 of our heart granny square. We will be continuing with our white crochet yarn so pop your hook back in the loop and tug with the tail end to secure the hook into the slip knot.

Granny Shell Stitch

  1. Chain 3
  1. 2 double crochet stitches into the same stitch we slip stitched into, as we ended the last row. 

The chain 3 at the start counts as your first double crochet, so technically we have done 3 double crochet here, which you might remember from earlier in the week, 3 double crochet = 1 shell. 

  1. Chain 1 (You will do this in between all of your shells as a spacer stitch.)
  1. Skip all of the stitches and jump to the big corner gap.
  1. Do 3 double crochet stitches, putting your hook into the large corner gap each time. These 3 double crochet stitches make a shell. 
  1. Chain 2
  1. Do another 3 double crochet stitches, putting your hook into the same large corner gap once again. This has made another shell. So in the large corner space you should have a shell, 2 chain stitches, and another shell, which should create a triangle for the corner. 
  1. Chain 1 as a spacer
  1. Skip 3 stitches
  2. Crochet a shell into the 4th stitch along by completing 3 double crochet into the same stitch.
  1. Chain 1 to move to the next corner space. This might be smaller than your other corner spaces but you should be able to notice the two chains you did in the previous row to create it. 
  1. Crochet a shell, chain 2 and crochet another shell into the corner gap, just like you did in steps 5, 6 and 7. This should create another triangle for the second corner.

  1. Chain 1 as a spacer.
  1. Skip to the top of your half double crochet which makes the middle of your heart and do 3 double crochets into the same stitch, creating yet another shell. 
  1. Chain 1 to move to the next large corner space. 
  1. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 into this large corner space, creating a shell, chaining 2 and then creating another shell. This should make a triangle for the third corner.
  1. Chain 1 and skip two stitches. 
  1. Put your hook into the third stitch and crochet another shell, by stitching 3 double crochet into the same stitch. 
  1. Chain 1 to move to the final large corner gap. 
  1. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 to crochet a shell, chain 2 and another shell into the final corner space. This should make another triangle for the final corner. 
  1. Chain 1 as a spacer.
  1. Skip to the chain 3 that you started the row with and slip stitch into the third (top) chain. 

This should complete the row and make your granny square one row bigger! 

Need some video guidance? Here’s a video on row 4 of the heart granny square…

Left Handed

Right Handed

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s email where we will be finishing off our granny square, yay!

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