3 DIY Gifts For Grandparents

Did you know grandparents day is just around the corner?! 

If we’re being honest… it never occurred to us that it was a day celebrated all over the world. But better late than never!

It’s only right we honour our lovely grandparents as it’s them who we often turn to for advice. And it’s them who often guide us through life’s ups and downs with their wealth of experience and knowledge ❤️

So we’ve got 3 of the best gift ideas for grandparents just in time for the special day!

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We’ve put together 3 “not on the high street” gifts for grandparents that we’re sure grandma or grandpa will love! Nothing says “I Love You” like handmade!

They’re perfect for everyday use and can be made into personalized gifts for grandma or grandpa using their favourite fabric collection. 

We’ve used Makower’s ‘Tranquility’ – a floral, ditsy collection made up of soft pastels featuring pretty flowers which a collection perfect for grandma! Check out some good gifts for grandma and grandpa below.

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  • Fabric Trays
  • Key Fob
  • Ella Pouch (our most requested pattern!)

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Fabric Trays

The perfect beginners project – if you’re a novice seam-star this is one of our best sewing projects to delve into!

Super quick and easy to make, they can be dotted around the house for all those little bits and pieces we put down… and then forget we put it down! 

This is a unique gift for grandma or grandpa to keep little bits organised.

Key Fob

This small gift for grandparents day is super handy! 

Help nanny or grandpa keep all their keys together with their very own homemade key fob. 

Did we mention you can make one of these bad boys in 5 minutes?! 

Even better, we’ve got a video tutorial you can follow along with step-by-step instructions! 

This super simple project is also a great scrap buster! It’s one of the best gifts for grandma or grandpa. There’s no reason to not give it a go!

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Ella Pouch

The roomiest of pouches coming in at approx 28cm x 17cmm! It has a flat bottom and the zip isn’t sewn into the sides giving it as much space as possible. A super practical gift for grandma! Of course grandpa can also use this pouch to keep his toiletries bits in or anything else.

Perfect for toiletries, makeup, sewing bits and bobs, kitchen utensils or anything grandma’s heart desires.

It’s a super thoughtful gift for grandma, you can never go wrong with a multi purpose pouch!

We hope you found these project ideas helpful!

Let us know how you get along in the comments below 🙂

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