The Plush Crochet-Along: Day 1

Hi and welcome to day 1 of The Plush Crochet-Along! 

Are you ready for your very first crochet lesson?

To start this crochet for beginners challenge you’ll need…

🧶 4mm Crochet Hook

🧶 2 different colours of crochet yarn – we will be crocheting with burgundy and white DK wool

🧶 Stitch Markers

🧶 Crochet Needle

🧶 Or you can buy our complete Crochet Kit for Beginners with 10% off!

Each day we will be practicing a new stitch and then doing the next part of our heart granny square.

We recommend that you practice in white yarn and start your project with the burgundy yarn if you wanted a red heart in the centre of your finished heart granny square.

If you have spare yarn to practice the stitches with, even better!

Slip Knot

To start any crochet project, you will need to do a slip knot, sometimes known as a sliding knot.

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Step 1:

Take the tail end of your yarn and wrap it around your finger, away from you.


Pinch the tail end with your finger and thumb and bring the working end of your yarn around your finger again. You should have two loops on your finger.

Slip Knot Step 2

Step 3:

Take the back loop and bring it over the front loop.

Slip Knot Step 3

Step 4:

Slip your hook into the loop and secure it by pulling the tail end of your yarn.

Slip Knot Step 4

Step 5:

The loop should become bigger and smaller easily by pulling the tail end of your yarn.

Slip Knot Step 5

You now have your hook ready to crochet! Need a video to follow?

Here you go:

Right Handed

Left Handed


Next, we’re going to learn our first stitch, the chain stitch. Most crochet projects will begin with a chain stitch so this is a great place to start.

Some people hold their hooks like a knife, or some prefer a pencil hold. Hold the hook how you feel comfortable.

As for the yarn, people hold this differently too, some wrap it around their little finger and pointer finger, other have it wrapped around just one, again do what feels comfortable for you.

Step 1:

Take your pointer finger and thumb, and pinch around the bottle of your slipknot, this creates tension, which is important to keep the stitches even.

Step 2:

Wrap your yarn around your hook. This is called ‘yarn over’.

Slip Knot Step 1

Step 3:

Slide your bottom loop up the hook by moving the tail end you are pinching upwards towards you.

Step 4:

Pull the loop you created by yarning over through the loop you just moved up the hook. This is called ‘pulling through’.

Step 5:

You should now just have one loop on the hook.

You have done your first chain stitch! A bit stuck?

Try following the video below:

Right Handed

Left Handed

Practice 5 chains and then have a look, can you see the V shapes? You should have a front loop and a back loop.

You may see some bumps on the back, this is all down to tension.

When starting something new you will naturally want to do it as neatly as possible so you might feel the need to pull super tight.

If you can’t fit your hook into your loops, you are crocheting with tension that is too tight.

Relax and keep it loose, but make sure to hold onto your tail end so it’s not too loose. Tension will take practice to master, so don’t worry too much, just keep practicing!

The fantastic thing about crochet is, you can take the hook out of the loop, give your tail end a pull and it will all undo so you can start again with nothing wasted. 

Keep practicing your chains and when you feel comfortable, let’s start on our heart granny square pattern

Step 1:

Make a slip knot so your hook is attached to your yarn.

Step 2:

Chain 5.

Need a video guide? Here you go…

Left Handed
Right Handed

See you tomorrow where you’ll be learning how to slip stitch and double crochet!

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