What To Make With Mesh Fabric

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Now you’ve learnt everything you need to know about Mesh from our handy fabric guide, why not get inspired by some project ideas! Missed our fabric guide? You can take a look at the blog here.

We have some fab patterns from ByAnnie that would be great projects to get started with sewing with mesh.

Grub Lunch Bag

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This super cute lunch bag is perfect for little ones! It’s not only a stylish little lunch bag with a buckle, it has an ID pocket and a chalk fabric border so you can write a message on it every day or the children can doodle on it! Inside, it features mesh as a pocket to hold an ice pack or maybe cutlery. You can choose from quilted or non-quilted, and line it with Lamifix so it is wipe clean on the inside!

To make this lunch bag sewing project you will need…

Grab some Grub Pattern

Main, Lining and Coordinating Fabrics

Bag Stabiliser

Fusible Interfacing

Polyester Mesh Fabric

Chalk Cloth



Strap Buckle

Fold-Over Elastic


This lightweight drawstring mesh fabric bag is super speedy and easy to make! Perfect for carrying swimming gear, bits and bobs for a day at the beach or a great dance/gym bag. The instructions include 3 different sizes (13”, 16” and 19” in height) and the mesh top provides ventilation and visibility. 

To sew this mesh organiser you will need…

Meshing Around Pattern

Main fabric

Mesh Material

Fold-over elastic

Fusible Interfacing


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Cinch Drawstring Bag

The ‘It’s a Cinch’ pattern is very similar to ‘Meshing Around’ however it is more like a sack without handles and is mainly made of mesh with just a fabric strip around the centre. 

Again it comes in 3 sizes (16 ½ ”, 26 ” and 33 ¾ “ in height) and is perfect for toys, laundry, sports gear and more! There are sturdy straps to cinch it shut and a handy hanging hook at the top. 

To make this drawstring bag you will need…

It’s a Cinch Pattern

Main Fabric

Stretch Mesh Fabric

Fusible Interfacing


Hand supply bag

This compact padded case will ensure you have everything you need close at hand no matter where you are! Originally designed for medical supplies for diabetics, this handy case would be perfect for electronics, tools, stationery and more. The inner mesh pocket could also hold an ice pack to keep things cool and there’s a clear ID pocket for personalisation too.

To sew this compact case you will need… 

Close at Hand Pattern

Main, Lining and Contrasting Fabrics


Mesh Fabric

Clear Vinyl

6” Zip and a 20” Zip or a 30” Double-slide Zip

Fusible Interfacing

Foldover Elastic

Wide Elastic


bedside pocket organizer

Organise and save space by the bed or down the side of a sofa with this handy pocket organiser. It has multiple mesh and fabric pockets, side loops for cables or glasses and the pattern includes two sizes, great for magazines, tablets, phones, chargers, water bottles and more!

For this bedside pocket organiser sewing project you will need…

Hang In There Pattern

Main and Coordinating Fabric


Fusible Interfacing

Mesh Fabric

Fold Over Elastic


Mesh projects

These super easy to make bags are great for organising and storing clothing and small items in your suitcases or laundry. There are instructions to make 3 sizes, so they can also be used for shopping and carrying toys to the beach as the sand will fall through the holes in the mesh! Making them from mesh fabric will also mean they’re machine washable, lightweight and you can see what’s inside easily.

To sew these mesh organiser bags you will need…

Mad About Mesh Pattern

Mesh Fabric


Fold Over Elastic

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