Outshine Everyones Christmas Decor This Year!

What does your Christmas household decor look like? 

Are you the type of person to just dash a few christmas lights around the house and call it a day? Or do you go ALL out.. and I mean full house decorated top to bottom inside AND outside all out?

Whatever floats your boat, go with it! But you can’t possibly decorate without some pretty christmas cushions… right? 

Well we’ve got just that! 

There’s a Christmas bow cushion project available! We’ve made up two using Makower’s Yappy! & Santa Express collection. 

Get yourself some Yappy! Or Santa Express fabric from our Christmas shop and you’ll get this Christmas cushion project plus 2 more for FREE!

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And if you prefer a more traditional cushion, Makower have their own cushion project using the Classic Foliage collection, find it here.

Makower has not only given us some fabulous collections this year… they’ve also made up some great Christmas projects for seam-stars of all levels! And they just so happen to fit with our household decor theme 😉

First off we couldn’t do household decor without one of the best multi-purpose inventions of all time… a quillow!

It’s a quilt and pillow combined into one, super handy for all sorts, especially when you have friends or family over during the Christmas period!

Plus you can choose between a Santa Express or Yappy quillow!

Next up is the Classic Foliage wall hanging designed by the insanely talented Lynne Goldsworthy!

This wall hanging is sure to make head’s turn this Christmas, will you be giving it a try?

You can find the full free project here and Classic Foliage collection here.

And last but not least on our “Christmas household decor you absolutely NEED this year” list is the gorgeous Scandi quilt.

A mahoosive 68” x 68” inch quilt designed by none other than Lynne Goldsworthy using the Scandi 2021 collection. It’s sure to keep you warm as you sit by the fireplace, roasting marshmallows with a cuppa! 

Even if your usual Christmas afternoon isn’t as idyllic as that (because we all know it’s usually more frantic than idyllic…) it’ll keep you cosy during the Christmas period either way! Check it out here.

So which project is your favourite? Which one will you be trying first? 

Let us know in the comments!

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