3 Handmade Teacher Gift Ideas!

It’s almost the end of term and the summer holidays are just around the corner! After all that homeschooling I think we all appreciate our teachers more than ever! If you wanted to stitch up a handmade gift to show your child’s teacher some appreciation, here are a few quick handmade gift ideas for you…

3 Handmade Teacher Gift Ideas

3 Handmade Teacher Gift Ideas

1. Teacher Gift Idea : Sew a key fob in 5 minutes

Sew a key fob in 5 minutes
Personalised key fob i

Who doesn’t love a personalised key fob?! 

We can imagine teachers have a wholeeee load of keys, for the school, classroom, gates, their home etc. Gift them a pretty key fob to keep them tidy and never loose them! Aaannnnnnd you can make them in under 15 minutes whilst busting some serious scraps too! 

So check out our full key fob youtube tutorial here or if you prefer a written tutorial you can see that here.

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2. Teacher Gift Idea : 15-minute fabric trays

15 minute fabric trays
fabric trays for teachers

Next up! One of our most popular projects, the 15 minute fabric trays!

They’re super handy for teachers to store stationery, notes or any other bits at their desk and best of all they only take 15 minutes to make! 

Check out the tutorial here.

3. Teacher Gift Idea : 30-minute notebook cover

30 minute notebook cover
A5 notebook cover for teachers

We all know teachers live and breathe notebooks… they go hand in hand! So an A5 notebook cover is one of the best gifts they could receive.

It’ll help protect it from wear & tear, as well as from the playdough stained hands of little ones – make it in 30 minutes with our tutorial here

We hope you found some inspiration for a speedy handmade gift idea. Let us know how you got on if you make one!

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