3 Project Ideas Using Beguiled by Libs Elliott

This has to be one our faveeeeee collections of all time (can we say that?!). Truly, Libs Elliott really knocked it out of the park this time, so of course we had to whip up project ideas using Beguiled by Libs Elliott to provide you with inspiration on what to make with such a fabulous collection.

But not only did we give you 1 make… we’ve given you 3 different project ideas using Beguiled!

Which one will you be trying first seam-stars?

Clear PVC Vinyl Zipper Pouch

This zipper pouch is one of the project ideas using Beguiled by Libs Elliott. These pouches are SO handy and can save you time too as you can see exactly what’s in your storage pouch without even looking inside.

Use them in your crafting space to keep your scraps, notions & general haberdashery in check, or make them for the kids!

You can find the full tutorial here.

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Clear PVC Vinyl Zipper Pouch

Eye Mask

In need of some “me” time, what better way to tune out your surroundings than to run a warm bath, light some candles and pop on an eye mask… and it might as well be a snazzy one!

Check out our eye mask tutorial here and shop ‘Beguiled’ prints here.

Ella Pouch

The roomiest of roomy pouches – a seam-star fav… the Ella pouch!

Perfect for any makeup bits or toiletries, it’s big enough for multi-purpose use.

Have a read of the full tutorial here.

Ella Pouch Pattern

Which project is you favourite? Which one will you be trying first?

Let us know in the comments below!

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