How To Use Odicoat Fabric Coating Gel

You will learn how to use odicoat fabric coating gel in this tutorial. In addition, we will be guiding you on its various benefits and uses.

Ever found the perfect fabric with the wrong composition for your project? If the missing element was waterproofing then we have discovered a brilliant solution; Odicoat. This clever gel gives fabrics a waterproof coating that is machine washable.

This isn’t the only use for this clever product, Odicoat also works as a fabric glue; Fabric can be applied to objects for decorative purposes.

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A product guide for beginners

There are a few ways to waterproof fabrics, depending on the finish you are looking for.

Below you’ll find both a video tutorial on how to use Odicoat fabric coating gel as well as a more detailed photo tutorial so you can learn all about Odicoat! We hope you this post helpful.. Do let us know in the comments.

You’ll also find a cheeky discount code for your next Odicoat purchase at the end of the tutorial…

Why use Odicoat?

Benefits of Odicoat

  •  Odicoat leaves fabric with a lightly rubberised feel; think of the finish (3 coats) as a more pliable oilcloth
  • Once application is complete the fabric is machine washable up to 30 degrees
  • Coated fabric is easier to cut, more durable and less prone to fraying
  • The finished fabric can be sewn, as you would PUL or oilcloth fabrics. Check out our full Waterproof Fabric Guide for more info
  • Waterproof fabrics offer greater stain resistance
  • Odicoat is water based, BPA free and acid free
  • Treated fabrics have a little more structure

Uses for Odicoat

  • Aprons
  • Tablecloths
  • Placemats
  • Wash bags
  • Make up bags
  • Embellishing decorative items
  • Outdoor cushions

Additional information

  •  A single coat will give a matt finish, 2 or 3 coats will give a gloss finish:

1 coat – the fabric is protected, water repellent, with a matt finish

2 coats – the fabric is coated, with a gloss finish

3 coats – the fabric is waterproofed, with a high gloss finish

  • Fabrics coated with Odicoat should only be washed at 30o
  • Prepare your fabrics as per manufacturers care advice before applying Odicoat
  • Use clips or pin within the seam allowance – pin holes will remain visible
  • Treated fabrics will have less drape
  • We recommend testing the suitability of Odicoat on spare pieces of the project fabric/ hidden area of an object before proceeding
  • Not suitable for thick velvet, suede or embossed fabrics
  • Foods must not make direct contact with Odicoat treated items
  • Odicoat is made in France by Odif


  • Odicoat should only be used for it’s intended purpose
  • Follow the usage instructions
  • Always wash hands after use
  • Not for consumption
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Odif cannot be responsible for dangerous storage conditions or misuse

How to apply Odicoat

You will need:

Here we used:

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1. Before cutting fabrics to size, in case of shrinkage, apply the Odicoat to the right side of the fabric: Place your fabric right side up on a protected surface (greaseproof or plastic sheeting are ideal)

2. Using the card provided spread a thin layer of Odicoat onto the fabric; start from one corner and work outwards. Go back over the fabric with the card spreading out any thick patches/ streaks. Avoid moving the fabric until it is dry to prevent Odicoat getting onto the wrong side

3. Wait until the Odicoat is touch dry (20 to 30 minutes), cover with greaseproof and dry iron, heat setting 1/satin

4. Apply a second coat, as per steps 2. And 3. A third coat can be applied if required

5. Allow 24 hours for the Odicoat to cure fully then carefully peel the fabric off

How to use Odicoat as a glue

Odicoat can be used to stick fabric to wood, cardboard, metal, glass, ceramic, pottery, Styrofoam and stone. Once applied the Odicoat will give a water-resistant, satin finish:

1. Apply Odicoat to the back of the fabric being adhered with a flat brush

2. Position the fabric on the chosen surface

3. Apply another coat of Odicoat over the fabric

4. Wait 1 hour

5. Apply a second coat (optional)

6. Wait 24 hours

Check out our video below!

And you’re finished, well done!

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We hope you found this tutorial useful!

You can purchase Odicoat on our website, here.

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