Sewing supplies made from recycled & sustainable materials

There’s never been a more important time to reduce, recycle and reuse and using recycled products is a great way to support that ethos. In this guide, we are going to highlight some sewing supplies made from recycled & sustainable materials.

Did you know we sell threads, ribbons, interfacings & fabrics that are made from recycled bottles? Or bio-degradable wadding?! Did you know five plastic fizzy drink bottles can supply enough raw materials to make a new T-shirt? Read on for all the info on how you can up the eco-credentials of your stash and choose sewing supplies made from recycled & sustainable materials

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Sewing supplies made from recycled & sustainable materials
Ribbons made from recycled materials

We are delighted to see that Berisfords are not only now making some of their most popular ranges from recycled plastic bottles, but also the ribbon reels too!

sustainable ribbons

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The sustainable ribbon that doesn't cost the earth

Recycled polyester is just as good as virgin polyester but takes 59% less energy to make, plus it keeps plastic out of the oceans or landfill. Using recycled polyester also contributes to the reduction of crude oil and natural gas from the earth.

Berisford now manufacture their Grosgrain ribbon & double satin ribbon from recycled plastic bottles!

Sustainable & Recycled Interfacings & Interlinings

Do you use Vlieseline products? Then you’re already doing your bit for the planet! Did you know many Vlieseline interlinings are made from recycled plastic bottles?

recycled plastic bottles process

The bottles are checked with all caps, labels and rubber removed. Then the bottles are washed and crushed into granules before being melted and made into fibres, which is made into the polyester interlining and wadding we all love.

Interfacing and interlinings made from recycled plastic bottles

Vlieseline already offer products made of 100% recycled polyester and/or mixtures thereof. By using already existing materials Vlieseline are reducing the consumption of new raw materials – in particular those that come from non-renewable sources.

Products which are made with recycled plastic bottles are
100 % R-PES         F220 | H310 | R 80 | R 200
80% R-PES          P120 P140 | P250
65% R-PES         M12 | S13
55 % R-PES         249
35 % R-PES         G405 | L 11
15 % R-PES         H180

Biodegradable quilt wadding

The Vlieseline Eco-150 wadding is 100% biodegradable!

The ECO 150 wadding biodegrades when in the ground after 57 days. But there’s no need to panic! It doesn’t start to biodegrade unless it is in the ground as it’s the soil enzymes which trigger the degrading process.  

Have a read of The Sewing Directory’s review of this wadding here. Fiona did actually bury it in the ground, and it really does return to the earth

Vlieseline Eco-150 wadding
Sewing Threads made from recycled plastic bottles
Gutermann Creativ Sewing Thread rPET

Gutermann Threads have a fantastic collection of polyester threads that are made from recycled plastic bottles and there are over 160 colours to choose from so you’re bound to find a colour perfectly suited to your project.

They are the same price as regular Sew All threads too – it’s a no-brainer easy switch 🙂

These threads are known as ‘sew-all threads’ and are great for both machine and hand sewing, closing and backstitch seams, fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams. 

Gutermann creativ rPET - 100% recycled polyester value pack

The threads can be used for light and heavy to medium-weight fabrics and even clothing fabrics and knitwear. They are made in Germany with their Micro Core Technology, so the same premium quality you’d expect from Gutermann, but super eco-friendly! You can shop for these on our website.

Premium Haberdashery with Plastic Free Packaging

Looking for some premium quality haberdashery? Hemline have introduced a premium rangle of haberdashery called Hemline Gold perfect for any eco-consious Seam Star who doesn’t want to compromise on style! ♻️

Hemline are known for their sleek, modern tools, inspired by the rich heritage of the sewing industry. We are now stocking their Hemline Gold range, which has been manufactured eliminating waste plastic packaging! 

You can take a closer look at the range in this video:

Hemline Gold collection

There’s also some gorgeous storage such as premium quality needles & safety pins in glass jars with beautiful brushed gold lids, which can be used for years to come and potentially become an heirloom in the family.

We hope you found this post useful. Feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll always try to help!

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