Product Guide – Go Eco With Our Recycled Product Range!

In this guide, we list down different products that are made from sustainable materials, so you could Go Eco With Our Recycled Product Range.

Did you know we sell threads and fabrics that are made from recycled bottles? You can go totally eco with your sewing makes! Did you know five plastic fizzy drink bottles can supply enough raw materials to make a new tshirt?

Do you use Vlieseline products? Then you’re already doing your bit for the planet! Did you know interlining is made from PET bottles? The bottles are checked with all caps, labels and rubber removed. Then the bottles are washed and crushed into granules before being melted and made into fibres, which is made into the polyester interlining and wadding we all love, available on our website.

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Gutermann Threads have a fantastic collection of polyester threads that are made from recycled bottles and there are over 160 colours to choose from so you’re bound to find a colour perfectly suited to your project.

They are the same price as regular Sew All threads too – it’s a no brainer switch 🙂

These threads are known as ‘sew-all threads’ and are great for both machine and hand sewing, closing and backstitch seams, fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams. 

The threads can be used for light and heavy to medium-weight fabrics and even clothing fabrics and knitwear. They are made in Germany with their Micro Core Technology, so the same premium quality you’d expect from Gutermann, but super eco friendly! You can shop for these on our website.

Did you know we sell recycled fabrics too? Our premium Ponte Roma Jersey is a beautiful knit fabric made from polyester fibres entirely created from recycled plastic bottles, avoiding landfill and made into high performing fibres for clothing. 

The material has a super fine soft finish and is a stable knit with a bit less of a stretch than some other jersey fabrics. 

We have a fabric guide on Ponte Roma jersey on the blog if you would like to learn more. You can shop the complete range of Ponte Roma jersey on the website.

Looking for some premium quality haberdashery? We have an amazing new range from Hemline which is totally eco friendly too! ♻️

Hemline are known for their sleek, modern tools, inspired by the rich heritage of the sewing industry. We are now stocking their brand new Hemline Gold range, which has been manufactured eliminating plastic waste packaging! 

There’s also some gorgeous storage such as premium quality needles & safety pins in glass jars with beautiful brushed gold lids, which can be used for years to come and potentially become an heirloom in the family. 

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