Make A Reversible Baby Bib – Free Pattern And Video Tutorial

You have been loving our Dribble Bib blog post, so I thought it was time to show you how to make a reversible baby bib with these gorgeous Farm Days fabrics from Dashwood Studio!

Reversible Baby Bib

You Will Need…

(Measurements are for 1 bib)

2 Cotton Fabrics min. 25x40cm each (We used Farm Days from Dashwood Studio!)


Kam snaps

Handy Tools We Used…

Needle Grippers

Pinking Shears

Important Things To Remember…

Use a 1cm seam allowance throughout, unless otherwise stated

When machine sewing, always backstitch at the start and at the end

Pre-wash your fabrics

Drop the stitch length around the curves for a smoother curve

Disclaimer: Suffocation hazard. Never leave a child unattended when wearing a reversible bib. Always remove a bib when a child is sleeping.

Want a ready-to-use pattern? We’ve got you covered!

Click the button below to download the reversible baby bib pattern.

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Prefer written instructions? Check out our Dribble bib blog!

Ready? Click below to go to our YouTube channel for a step by step tutorial!

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