Free 30 Minute Skirt Tutorial

30 minute skirt free tutorial

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Need an outfit in a hurry or an emergency gift? If you’re looking to showcase or share some fabulous fabric, this super quick elasticated skirt tutorial will soon have you stepping out in style. It’s budget friendly too – you only need a few resources for this one.

Skill level: Confident Beginner

You will learn

  • How to find the quarter points
  • How to sew elastic
  • How to add an elastic waistband

You will need:

  • Skirt: Cotton fabric Width: Double the wearer’s waist size plus 6cm. Length: Required length plus 3cm
  • Waistband: 38mm Elastic Waist size plus 3cm

We used:

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Important notes

  • 1.5cm seam allowance throughout, unless directed.
  • For steps using machine sewing, straight stitch, backstitching at the start & end using stitch length 2.5 unless otherwise stated.
  • Prepare your fabrics as per manufacturers care advice.

Tips for sewing elastic

  • We recommend the following needle types: Ballpoint needle, Jersey needle, Stretch needle
  • Stitch: Stretch stitch or Zig zag with a short stitch length and long stitch width
  • Thread type: Polyeste or sewe all thread
  • Sewing clips reduce the risk of snagging
  • We do not advise using an overlocker; they can snag and fray this type of elastic

Method for making an elasticated skirt

Cut the materials:

1. Cut out the materials as calculated above:

  • Skirt: Cut as either 1 or 2 panels depending on the fabric design/ size. For 2 panels cut the panels half the total width x total length. For a single panel cut total width minus 3cm x Length
  • Waistband: as calculated above

Prepare the waistband

2. Clip the 2 ends of the waistband together and sew.

3. Separately tidy the ends of the elastic using zig zag stitch: length 2, width 2. Tie the thread ends to secure.

4. Open the seam and stitch the seam allowances to the waistband so they sit flat.

Prepare the skirt

5. Clip and sew the 2 skirt panels together or for 1 panel clip and sew the 2 sides together.

6. Press the seam allowances open and tidy with zig zag stitch: length 2, width 3, tying the ends to secure.

30 minute skirt

7. Turn the skirt out the right way

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Assemble the elasticated skirt

8. Find the quarter points around the top of the skirt and waistband and mark:

  • On a 2 panel skirt the side quarter points are marked by the side seams. Bring these together and smooth the fabric out to the sides, where the fabric folds are the other 2 points.
  • On the waistband and 1 panel skirt use the seam as the back ¼ point. Fold along the back seam, smoothing out the material and where a fold forms on the other side is the front point. Bring the front and back points together, smooth the material to the sides and the 2 folds are the side points.
Assemble the elasticated skirt

9. With the right sides facing line up the points on the skirt and waistband and clip together position the waistband join to the back.

10. Stretch the elastic to the length of the fabric between the points and clip together. A spare pair of hands can make this easier.

Sewing an elasticated skirt

11. Starting centre back sew the skirt and waistband together: Use zig zag stitch, 1 length, 4 width, sew as close to the edge as possible. Stretch the elastic as it approaches and exits the presser foot. Overlap the start point and tie thread ends to secure.

Elasticated skirt

Sew the hem

12. Fold over and press the bottom 2cm of the skirt.

13. Turn the raw edge under to reach the crease and press again to create a hem.

Sewing the hem of the 30 minute skirt

14. Stitch along the edge of the hem (approx. 8mm from the bottom of the skirt) to finish.

sewing a 30 minute elasticated skirt

And you’re done! Congrats!

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We hope you found this tutorial useful!

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