15 Minute Upcycled Fabric Tray Tutorial

Use these 15 minute upcycled fabric tray tutorial to sew adorable fabric trays. These cute little fabric trays are a great beginner project. They stitch up quickly and are a very handy cute little item to have dotted around your sewing room. Use them to catch threads or keep your little sewing notions tidy and easy to grab.

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You will need:

An old pair of jeans

1 FQ Quilting cotton (We used fabrics from the Makower Summer Garden collection)

Heavy Iron-on Interfacing or a woven interfacing. We used this Woven Interfacing – grab 10% off with WOVEN10

Temporary fabric marker


Important notes for sewing 15 minute fabric trays:

3/8″/ 1cm seam allowance throughout, unless directed otherwise.

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15 minute Fabric trays

Step 1:

Decide which sized tray you are going to make. Cut your fabrics as per the from the table below.

Tray SizeFabric Size
Small 6 inch square
Medium7 inch square
Large8.5 inch square

Cut the following based on the table above:

1 x square Denim Outer Fabrics

1 x square Inner quilting cotton

2 x squares Interfacing Squares

Step 2: Iron on interfacing squares to the reverse side of both the denim outer & the quilt cotton fabric inner.

Step 3: With RST pin the outer and inner fabrics together

Step 4: Sew round the edge leaving a turning gap of approx 3-5 inches (depending on which sized tray you are making)

Step 5: Trim the fabric on each corner diagonally to reduce bulk, taking care not to snip through your stitches

Step 6: Turn to the right side making sure your corners are crisp (Use a sturdy pin to dig out the excess fabric in the corners helps here)

Pro Tip: The tool pictured above are Needle Grippers and they are SO helpful for turning out projects

Step 7: Press & pin the turning gap closed.

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Step 8: Top Stitch all the way around the edge using a 3mm stitch approximately 1/8″ from the fabric edge , closing the turning gap.

Step 9: On both sides of every corner make a mark with a temporary fabric marker the distance from the corner as listed in the table below

Tray SizeDistance from corner point
Small¾ inch
Medium1 inch
Large1 ¼ inch

Step 9: Match up the 2 marks on each corner so the lining fabric is touching. Over stitch catching both sides of the tray. Repeat for all 4 corners.

Congratulations! You’re done!

We hope you found this upcycled fabric tray tutorial useful!

Let us know how you get along in the comments below 🙂

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Fabric Tray Tutorial

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. These trays are so cute with denim and pretty cotton prints. Can you tell me what type of comparable fusible interfacing I would find in the US? Thank you.

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