We Are Relocating!

There’s never a dull moment over at Plush Towers. I write with big news – we’re on the move! Unfortunately the time in our Edenbridge warehouse has come to an end, we’ve looked for commercial premises within the vicinity and there is very little currently available, and what there is isn’t suitable or is twice the price we’re used to. We’ll be really sorry to say goodbye to all of our lovely local customers and I’m devastated to leave our staff behind, it certainly hasn’t been an easy decision to make and it’s one we’ve deliberated long and hard over. We’ve enjoyed getting to know our local customers and I understand that no longer having our fabric loveliness on your doorstep will be a big blow for some but don’t forget…. We won’t be disappearing from your lives completely – you can still order online (plus you get sweeties in your parcel that way – every cloud…)

Whilst we know this news is going to be disappointing for some, we also know that it’ll make some other people very happy as we’re relocating to the Cathedral city of  Peterborough which is about 80 miles north of London on the border of East Anglia and the East Midlands.


Peterborough is where I grew up so I’m excited to be returning to my home town and hooking up with old friends. The decision was made easier by the fact that there’s a glut of commercial property that is way more affordable than in Kent. Our new warehouse (well there’s 2 warehouses actually!) is in Werrington, a few minutes the north of the city centre.  We still plan on being open Monday – Saturday for customers to come in and browse but we might need a few weeks after the move before we can open the doors.

Our warehouse in Edenbridge, soon to move to Peterborough
Our warehouse in Edenbridge, soon to move to Peterborough

Stay tuned for our exact moving date, we are aiming for 29th April but this may change by a week or two. If you’ve not been to visit us in our Edenbridge warehouse and want to do so then you’re advised to come along before Wednesday 27th April. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to receive visitors in Peterborough.

We will need staff in Peterborough so if you are interested in working for us we will be recruiting people to fulfil our website orders and help our customers in house. Please email your CV to us at sales@plushaddict.co.uk if you are customer focused, hard working and have sewing experience. We have been overwhelmed with the response for our call for CVs and won’t be accepting any more applications for the post for the time being. Thank you!

For those of you that shop online, this news shouldn’t really affect you at all. We are hoping not to have any disruption of service *crosses fingers* but we’ll keep you informed if we run in to any difficulties.

Please wish us luck (and lasting sanity) as we pack up both our house and the warehouse over the coming weeks. Madness!


Our warehouse in Edenbridge, soon to move to Peterborough
Our warehouse in Edenbridge, soon to move to Peterborough




85 thoughts on “We Are Relocating!”

  1. Congratulations and OH NO! I’m so upset to hear you’ll be moving far away and I won’t be able to drop in anymore, but this move must be such a mixed bag of exciting and sad for you guys. I wish you all possible luck with packing and unpacking, and hope everything goes smoothly.
    Also my stomach noticed you mentioned sweeties in orders? I thought you’d stopped doing that!

      1. You’re very welcome 🙂
        Glad to hear it re. sweeties – I don’t think I’ve had any for a year or so, (it was actually only last week that I realised I hadn’t seen any for a while – I assumed it had become impractical) so I think I might have just been REALLY unlucky. I still remember my first order from you guys a bajillion years ago – so much minky softness to play with AND THEN a pack of Love Hearts rolled out, it made my day!

  2. Good news for some of us! I drive past Peterborough when visiting my sister in Grantham – guess I’ll be stopping by now & then in future. Good luck with the move.

  3. Well I for one am really happy with this news, as Peterborough isn’t that far away from me, and is on the same train line! The bank balance might not be so happy!! 😉

  4. Ian very pleased hat you are moving to Peterborough asi only live a couple files away

  5. So disappointed! Only discovered you about a month ago. Would it be possible for you to suggest other companies like yourselves who have such a range of stock at reasonable prices and within a few miles of Edenbridge please? 😥

    1. The nearest is probably the World of Sewing in Tunbridge Wells. There is also Puddle Ducks in Sevenoaks or The Quilt Room in Dorking. None have quite the range we carry but they are the nearest. Sorry to disappoint 🙁 If it’s any consolation everything we have is available online and we do offer free returns if something isn’t right for you

  6. I’m chuffed. I live in Cambridge and there is a dearth of fabric shops in the area. I’m concerned about my bank balance though. Ordering online is one thing but shopping in the flesh is bound to be more expensive as fabrics catch my eye that I hadn’t intended to buy. Oooh I’m really excited! Can’t wait!

  7. One persons loss is another’s gain… You will be within reasonable driving distance for me where you were not before. Will be coming to have a look once you’ve moved!

  8. I’m very excited as I live in Werrington. Hooray! Finally a shop nearby with a decent range of fabrics!

    1. I’m amazed at how many people have said they live in Werrington! I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone. We’ll have to get some craft socials going!

  9. Oh no! What will I do when my favourite shop in the whole world has gone!😢
    I will start having withdrawal symptoms! Will you do B and B?
    No really, congratulations on your new venture. Have fun! 🎉

  10. Nooooo! Only visited you for the first time yesterday! Shall be coming again before you go and stocking up on lots of lovely fabrics. Wishing you the best of luck with the move x

  11. Yay, although I live in Kent it takes me well over an hour to get to you. I grew up just outside Peterborough and parents still live there!! Even better excuse to visit the parents!

  12. I am devasted to hear that you are moving away from Kent :-(. I will miss your lovely staff who have always been soooo cheery and helpful and l have spent many hours browsing and chatting in your fabric heaven, l wish them all well for the future. Unfortunately I don’t really buy fabrics online, too many disappointments. l prefer to see and feel the fabrics before l buy. When you are settled in Peterborough maybe you could consider a stand at the quilt shows it would be great to see you there and l could feed my habit! Wishing you every success in this new venture. Don’t forget to have fun too. 🖐

    1. Sorry Sue, hopefully we’ll see you before we go. We do offer a free returns service if something isn’t right for you which might be something to think about. We’ll certainly be looking at show options, especially Festival of Quilts which will be on our doorstep from Peterborough

  13. You will be an hour and 45 minutes from me, planning a visit on my birthday in August! Can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

  14. I am near Margate but you were still over an hour away – now even further:(
    Never mind I like shopping on line and there is still a month to go. Good luck with the move I am sure it will go well.

  15. Oh my word, I am looking forward to you moving to the area. I know when I have visited your stand at Duxford that I have fell in love with the fabrics. The Polly quilt is one that I have to make.

    1. We’ve had so many requests for workshops already I’d say it’ll probably happen once the dust settles 🙂 Two tutors have already offered their services! I look forward to meeting you soon

      1. Carnt wait we so need you in Peterborough, would love a part time job will be in touch

  16. Good luck with the move. Currently I use your online service, but as a Lincolnshire resident I’ll hopefully be able to organise a visit in person to yourselves once you have moved. All the best x

  17. Yipee! The Plush is going Posh. I am so excited to have the best online retailer in my neck of the woods. Good luck with the move and let your Kent faithful know they are always welcome here in East Anglia.

  18. Yes! 10 mins away from Market Deeping. Can’t believe we are actually going to have a fabric shop, hasn’t been a large one near here for decades.

  19. I’m torn between “Yay, your’re coming closer to me” and “Oh, no, still a bit too far” I don’t suppose you’d consider coming closer to King’s Lynn instead? I’m joking of course, and it’s probably better for my bank balance this way.

    1. Kings Lynn isn’t that far, is it? We’ve had people come from Newcastle to visit us here in Kent which is just crazy! Hopefully you’ll come and see us 🙂

  20. Wonderful news. I have often promised my self a trip to visit you in Kent (but never been), and now you are coming to see me! Whoopee, as I’m less than 30 miles away, in Ely, Cambs. and often shop in Peterborough……I WILL become a regular visitor! Hope the move goes smoothly..

  21. Whoop woop I’m in kings Lynn and it’s only a 40 min drive to you I’m so pleased you’re coming this way 😍😍😍😍😍❤️😜😂😂😂😂 obviously I’m upset for the people in is it Kent but we need a good shop like yours this way 🙃

  22. This is terrible news, you will be on the same street as the papercraft shop I visit 😳 Is there any chance I could work for you and get paid in fabric ?!?

  23. So excited that you’re moving to Peterborough! My favourite online fabric shop – right here on my doorstep. Time to allocate myself a monthly fabric allowance… Hope you’ll be very happy here – and Peterborough is on 45 mins from King’s Cross by train, so easy for people to come and visit.

  24. Live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent which is a fair way from your current and new location; have been down to you in the past and loved the fabrics. I have a cousin who lives in Harlow so he may be getting more frequent visits as not that far from Peterborough; very good excuse me thinks xx

  25. Fantastic news! We can’t wait for you to move to Peterborough – I will def be a regular customer and you will also be getting my CV as I can’t think of a better job for a fabric addict like me! x

  26. Yipee! I live at Sawtry, 15 mins away I shall tell all my sewing mates……not good for the bank balance though!

  27. I am very happy!! Its hard to find a fabric shop that has everything and I don’t live far from Peterborough so looking forward to visiting soon!

  28. Thank you Lord! My prayers answered I am only 5minutes from where you will be sooooo exciting great news and wish you all good luck PS ladies a new lidl store is opening on the old kiddicare site too x

  29. Brilliant news, at last we get somewhere with a decent selection of fabric. Could you please open at least one day later than 4pm for those of us who work to support our fabric addictions!!! Thank you.

  30. Excited as Peterborough is closer for me so will definitely come to visit once you have moved

  31. Yay! Great news. I use your online service but now I can visit in person as you will be just down the road (give or take a few miles!)

  32. Devastated! You’re currently only about 30 mins from me. Have only visited you once as I didn’t know you were there, and now you’re going to Peterborough. 😢 I will have to call in on my travels north to see my daughter! I hope the move (home and business!) goes well. xxx

  33. Can you tell me where in Werrington are you relocating, and what date are you opening please. A friend sent me a link on facebook telling me about this, you should do well as we only have a fabric stall on the market, and John Lewis which half the time has the exact same fabrics at triple the price.

  34. Oh Wow. I just found you online and now to read that you are relocating just the other side of the railway line in the city is wonderful news! Will be looking to pop across and say hello once you are settled in.

      1. Only just caught up with this news and really pleased. I’m always looking for dance fabrics which may not be your main thing but I’m as vulnerable to a sewing shop binge as any sewer – especially the habby, can’t have too many scissors! . Yippee, you’re less than an hour away now straight up the A1.

      2. We’ve actually had loads of requests for dance wear fabrics since we’ve moved so it’s definitely something we’re considering. Hope to see you soon!

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