Easter Bunny Garland Tutorial

This is a great a scrap-busting project which will add a touch of adorable to your Easter celebrations. 

First published in Love Sewing magazine, it’s such a great project that it deserves a re-share with our blog community!

What You Will Need:

Click below to download the pattern!

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Trace around the bunny template on to the smooth side of the Bondaweb using a pencil.

Step 2: Cut around the shape close to, but not on, your pencil line.


Step 3: Iron the Bondaweb bunny shape on to the reverse of your fabric. It should adhere quite strongly.


Step 4: Cut around your shape on the pencil line


Step 5: Score the Bondaweb paper with a pin and remove the backing paper.

Step 6: Cut 5cm of the 5mm ribbon and fold in half.

Step 7: Lay your cut out bunny shape on to the backing calico. Place the ribbon between the bunny’s ears and enclose the raw ends underneath your bunny shape. Leave at least 1cm of the folded ribbon exposed, this will form your hanging loop.

Click below to download the pattern!

Step 7.jpg

Step 8: Press to adhere the shape on to your calico, enclosing the ribbon loop.

Step 9: Trim the calico to match the bunny shape taking care not to cut the ribbon hanging loop. Small scissors will help you be more precise around the curves.


Step 10: Using a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine sew around the edge of your shape with the outside of the zig zag right on the edge of the shape. Take care on the curves and sew slowly.


Step 11: To add the tail, thread a hand sewing needle and tie a knot in the end of thread and pass the needle though the centre of pom pom. Secure the tail on to the bunny shape with a few stitches.

You can use the template as a tail placement guide by lining up your shape with the template, putting the needle through the template, lifting the template and marking where the needle is with a fabric marker. This is your tail placement mark.

Step 11.jpg
Step 11_2.jpg

Step 13: Repeat for as many bunnies you’d like on your garland.

Step 14: Wrap some tape around the end of your jute ribbon to make it easier to thread and jute ribbon through the loops.

You’re done! Happy Easter!

Click below to download the pattern!

Pin this to a board for easy reference!

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