Cloth Nappy Fabrics 101 Part 2: PUL Fabric

Hello! And welcome to day one of Real Nappy Week 2015. In this series I hope to share information about nappy making fabrics as well as letting you know about the offers we have running this week, so let’s talk about the offer first. Today you can enjoy up to 20% off PUL which is the waterproof layer used in a cloth nappy (as well as a whole host of other applications). We will be having different fabrics on offer each day. If you’d like to get involved in more than one offer but are worrying about the accrued postage costs – don’t! Just leave us a note at check out and ask us to hold your order until the end of the week then we’ll dispatch it all together and refund you any postage charges due. We also have 20% off nappy making kits all week long. 

You can read the intro to this series here and the full series will be unravelling here



PUL in cloth nappies

I’ve already written about the composition and properties of PUL in this waterproof fabrics post and had an article published in Sewing World  but today I’m going to talk specifically about PUL or polyurethane laminate  in relation to cloth nappies. So why this fabric in particular? Well, it’s because not only is it completely waterproof (not water-resistant) it’s also breathable. I’m sure you’ve worn waterproof clothing that hasn’t been breathable at some point in your life and are familiar with that rather hot and clammy feeling. To ensure your baby’s bum doesn’t feel like that it’s important to use something breathable whist being waterproof. You need stop the wet from transferring on to your baby’s clothes and there are two ways you can layer PUL in a nappy.

1) as an outer fabric like the Bum Genius nappy pictured below. The fabric used here is, you guessed it… PUL.




2) As a hidden layer in between the outer layer (usually Plush/ minky) and an absorbent or stay dry layer. See the photo below to give you an idea where the PUL usually sits.



Well that wasn’t hard, was it? Please do have a read of my earlier post for more information and enjoy the PUL discount today, I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about absorbent fabrics.

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