How To Make A Zippered Money Apron

As I’ve previously mentioned we’re going on the road which of course means there’s been a ton of things to think about and organise, one of which is what would we do  with money on the day. If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen me whip up some of these aprons a few weeks ago and I’m really please with how they’ve turned out. I had a few criteria, I wanted them to have a zip, I wanted a pocket for my phone and I wanted to make them from denim so they were super durable and wouldn’t need any kind of interfacing and most importantly so the Plush Boys would be happy to wear them. I didn’t want any kind of seam at the bottom of the apron to eliminate bulk and save myself a step. You could equally use 2 smaller pieces of fabric for the aprons and sew at the bottom but for some reason I was quite set on not having a bottom seam (maybe I am worried all of my money might fall out!) These aprons would be perfect for you to use at a craft fair if you have any coming up and will keep all your pennies safe and secure.

This apron is quite generous in size because a) I have a fat tummy and b) Joseph and Jon (Mr Plush) who will also be sporting these are men, and men need bigger things. Fact. I would suggest holding up a piece of fabric where you’d like the apron to sit and measuring it to get a size which suits you.

You will need


Step 1: Prepare Your Main Fabric

Cut and press your main fabric as detailed below. Overlock/ serge the edges (optional).


Step 2: Add embellishment (optional)

I decided to embroider our shop logo on to the front of the apron on the right hand side. This is entirely optional, but lovely! I placed the centre of the design (which measures 10 x 6cm) as below


Step 3: Add inside pocket

With RST (right sides together) stitch your 2 pockets pieces together and leave a turning gap of a couple of inches. Once sewn clip the corners.


Turn to the right side and press (a chopstick is very handy for poking out all of the seams)


Top stitch the top of the pocket only (see my top stitching tips here)

Pin your pocket on to the apron where you’d like the inside pocket to sit and stitch around 3 sides.


Step 4: Add the Zipper

Place the zip face down on to the right side of the fabric and pin/ clip (Wonder Clips are awesome for this). Think about which side you want the zip pull when closed (I placed it on the left as I’m right handed)


Stitch using your zipper foot. Once stitched press the fabric flat making sure the zipper tape is flat too.

Top stitch along the zipper using a longer stitch length (I used 3mm)


Repeat for the other side


Press your apron


Step 5: Make and Insert The Ties

Take your 3″ strips of fabric and press in half length ways. Then fold each edge to align with the centre you’ve just pressed and press again. You should have 3 pressed lines.


Fold in the 2 edges to the centre and then fold in half again. Clip.


Stitch the open side closed using a longer stitch length, I used 3.5mm as there’s 4 layers of denim here. Repeat on the other long side.

** Note that as my ties are the full width of the fabric the selvedges are at the end of each of my ties. I liked the tufty look so left them as they were but you might want to fold your ends in first if you want to conceal them)


To insert your ties turn your apron inside out and re-press along the top and bottom.

Insert your ties approx. 1″ from the top of the apron and clip/ pin. Sew along the sides with a  1/2″ seam re-inforcing the stitching 3 times or so over the ties and zip.

Repeat for the other side remembering to leave the zip partly open so you can turn your apron.


Step 6: Create the Divider Pockets

Turn your apron to the right side and press. Fold your apron in half and press again to mark the half way point to make your divider pockets. Mark the line with a fabric marker.


Sew along your marked line stitching through all the layers from the bottom of the apron to the zip.


You’re done! Congrats!

The darker denim apron is mine and I couldn’t resist inserting a pop of colour at the zip and I managed to use some Echino stag scraps I’ve been holding on to for ages for my inside pockets. Love him!


I hope this is helpful. If you make one please post to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and tag us @plushaddict, thanks!

Here we are modelling after the event. I can report that they all held up well, and will see their next outing at Duxford Quilt Show!

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