New Kona Shades Are In The House!

It only seems like five minutes ago that Robert Kaufman released their last round of new Kona shades but looking back it was actually about a year ago (where does the time go?) and we’re delighted to announce that the new 32 new shades arrived yesterday and are all in stock taking the total Kona colour count to a whopping 303 colours. Robert Kaufman Kona is a wonderful quality quilt weight solid and the choice is fantastic so you’re bound to find the perfect shade for your project.




I’m particularly taken with “Pickle” which is a scrummy limey green with a lean towards olive which seems to be very on trend right now. There are some wonderful names…. I’m yet to discover whether “Grellow” is actually a real word (I suspect it is, do you know?) I wondered if it was a cross between green and yellow but there’s no green hue that I can see. I’m also loving “Sangria“, but I’m not sure if that’s more to do with the nice weather and dreams of sunny holidays. What about “Heliotrope“? Well that one got me too, perhaps I’ve lead a sheltered life.  Glad to see that “Terracotta” joins the range which is an essential that’s been missing I think but my absolute favourite has to be “Ultra Marine” – a deep blue/ green/ teal which reminds me of lovely Mediterranean waters… I do love a teal hue, it does have to be said.

We have an aisle in the warehouse dedicated to Robert Kaufman’s Kona, I call it our “Kona Corridor” and I do love a scan of the aisle if I need a pick me up colour fix. I wish we could store them by shade but logistically it makes no sense for us so we store them all in alphabetical order to make them easy to find.




We’ve already had lots of enquiries about new shades cards and they are on order… As soon as Kaufman send them we’ll have them in stock and they will be a complete chart including all 303 colours. To my knowledge they aren’t producing a mini chart just of the new colours.

Have you checked out the latest shades yet? Which is your favourite?


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