Forever Fiesta: A Quilt For Nanny Plush

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know that I have recently made my mum a quilt in break neck speed. I have to admit to being a bit of a fly by the seat of my pants crafter and often just make hasty, unplanned decisions of what to make next, usually starting then and there (this is my justification for having a big fabric stash – you never know what inspiration is just around the corner!)

My mum’s birthday was no exception, I realised I couldn’t afford to give her the gift I had in mind for her birthday so decided instead I’d make her a quilt which I was sure she’d cherish more anyway – win win. I had just one week until her birthday. Turning around a quilt in a week alongside everything else was probably a little bit optimistic but I was convinced I could do it. Well I didn’t, it took two, but I’m still pretty chuffed at two weeks!

I purposely sought out a very quick pattern and Pinterest delivered (as always) and I followed the tutorial here.

Initially I had the idea that instead of having a plain colour in between the chevrons I’d graduate the colours from orange/ pink through to teal to aqua to a cream. Luckily I tried to piece the first row before I’d sewn all the WOF strips and I soon realised it just wouldn’t work like I wanted it to in my head (doh!) and the second row would just be a mess of odd fabrics, rather than a chevron so quickly reverted to plan B and I’m still very happy with the result and stuck with the colour graduation idea.

The colours are bright and vivid, just like my mum, and also seem to match my lounge wallpaper perfectly! That wasn’t intentional, but I clearly have a teal/ pink/ orange thing going on at the moment.


I’ve called this quilt “Forever Fiesta” as it sums my mum up nicely, she’s a lively firework and I thought this explosion of colour suited her well and was a description, of kind, of her vibrant, celebratory attitude. I’ve yet to make a quilt label, but I will and sew it on post gift giving (I still haven’t decided how to do this and ran out of time, but it’ll happen at some point)

I got a weird sense of satisfaction using fabrics from different collections/ designers/ manufacturers rather than from one collection and having them match so well. I’m not entirely sure why this pleased me so much, it’s hardly a ground breaking concept, but I think there’s a smidge of hope that these fabrics which mum and I have seen pass through Plush Towers daily might offer a slice of nostalgia in a few years time.

This is only my second ever quilt, the first one is here and was a quilt as you go, so this is the first time I’ve actually quilted with such mahoosive pieces of fabric. I was originally going to quilt following the zig zag but after one row I decided that was a ridiculous idea and unpicked it. Trying to pivot such a beast every few inches  would have meant this quilt would have been unacceptably late so I just followed the diagonal lines in the end. My time for more experimental quilting will come one day, it just wasn’t this one.

On the back I used this fab pink extra wide fabric from Nutex  which just added to the colour explosion. (Incidentally I’ve just sent this very fabric off to the super talented “Ginger Monkey” Katy Jones to be used for a quilt in September’s Quilt Now – you must check this magazine out if you haven’t already, it’s fab!)


Mum was away for her birthday so really it wasn’t late at all (ha!). She cried when I gave it to her so I’m pretty sure she loved it, which made me very happy indeed.

Happy birthday Nanny Plush! Love you xxx


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