Sew A Child’s Skirt: Part 3 Add a Lining & Make a Half Elastic Waistband

Wowsers, it’s been a while since I posted part one and part two of the making of this skirt, my apologies! Plush Towers has been a hive of activity (more on that soon) and despite having this post pretty much prepped I obviously forgot top hit the “post” button, whoops! Check out the earlier posts for the beginnings of this skirt and for the piping tutorial and top stitching tips. This post will firstly look at lining the skirt, which is very easy indeed.

Attaching a lining





Add the waistband 

I have already mentioned I have been busy pimping the original tutorial and the main drive was to add the half elastic waistband. I do like a flat front on a waistband, I think it looks neater but it is a bit more work that a full elastic waistband.

It’s hard to give precise measurements here as it depends on the size skirt you’re making but you’ll need 2 parts of 3″ high waistband in your contrast fabric, one piece longer than the other. You want the back piece (where the elastic will fit through) to fit around approx 3/4 of the skirt, un gathered. I folded the skirt in half, and then half again and pressed in the marks to give me the front, back and 2 side points. The waistband should go from half way between the front point and the 2 sides points, as shown here. The front part is left open and won’t contain any elastic.


There are 2 different ways you can attach the back part of the waistband, you can attach it like bias binding like this. The first skirt I did the  I used the bias binding method, sadly I didn’t take any photos, but I think I preferred it! This way is quicker but you will see the inside seam, not so much of a problem if you have an overlocker, but if you don’t’ I’d probably use the bias method.

The way I did it for this skirt was to iron the waistband in half along the length and simply attach to the main skirt with my  overlocker, this sill give you a channel to pt you elastic through.

Feed your elastic through using a safety pin, or make a small triangle pocket in your elastic by folding it over and placing a chop stick at the point and push it through.




Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of the front waistband.








Whoops – I forgot to tell you to sew in the photo instructions! Here’s here you sew the waistband 🙂 You can hand sew, or if you don’t mind seeing the stitches (I don’t!) then machine it



And you are done! Whoop!



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