Child’s Skirt Tutorial: Part One Making And Inserting Piping

Wow it seems like a mighty long time since I sat and tapped at the keyboard in a blogging kind of way. There’s been tons of stuff going on behind the scenes at Plush Towers so even though I’ve got a few blog posts in the “planning” stages getting them over the finishing line has been a challenge of late. I can report I have made headway on a UFO <gasp!>! It’s still not finished but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Well I’m here now and so is Spring! I can’t tell you how uplifted I am that it’s light when we leave in the mornings these days, and then again when we arrive home. I thought I’d give you a gratuitous Spring picture to brighten your day… Magnolias are so amazing. I’m lucky enough to see this one in it’s full glory every day at the moment. Enjoy any that are close to you, they are gone so quickly.



Anyhoos, enough pontificating about the wonders of nature, you’re here to learn some sewing tips! I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts about how much I love making these super speedy skirts and if you’re like me, after you’ve made the same thing a few times it feels good to pimp it up a little so I decided that I was going to make a lined version with a contrasting hem and piping with a half elastic waist… So just a bit of pimping then Kellie? I figured I’d break each of the techniques down in to separate posts to make referencing easier if you wanted to use each of the techniques on other projects. This post will focus on the piping.

If you’re making the whole skirt you will need:




You can get special piping feet for this job but I don’t have one and a zipper foot works perfectly well and comes as standard with most machines.




A note about the next step…. You can combine the next 2 step and pin all 3 layers  together and just sew once, but I prefer to do them separately to ensure I get the piping tight and even. It never seems to work for me combining these steps and I have to unpick and start again.






So there you go! Piping is really easy to make and adds a lovely details to many garments and looks great on cushions. Enjoy!


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