10 Minute No Sew Fabric Covered Mouse Mat Tutorial

I recently ordered some rather drab mouse mats from our stationery supplier, they are made of recycled car tyres so I felt rather virtuous purchasing recycled and all that, but they were *so* boring and not the least bit pretty so I decided to get busy and cover them with some of our *very* pretty fabric. It was the simplest thing and literally took less than 10 minutes to complete and you don’t even need the sewing machine.

You will need:

Cotton fabric of your choice. You’ll easily get 4 out of a fat quarter (mouse mat size dependant of course!) and it needs to be cotton as you’re going to iron it.


A rotary cutter (the 28mm OLFA cutter made this very easy)

Some Fray Stoppa

A mouse mat

Here’s how to make it. If you put the kettle on now you will be finished before it boils!

1) Cut out your Bondaweb and fabric a little larger than your mousemat.

photo 1

2) Iron the Bondaweb on to the reverse side of the fabric. I always flip and iron the other side to make sure the adhesive is well and truly stuck.

photo 2

3) Wait a few minutes for the Bondaweb and fabric to cool to ensure the glue is firmly adhered to the fabric. Remove the Bondaweb backing paper by scoring with a pin and then peel away.

4) Place the mousemat on to the now sticky side of your fabric ensuring the edge of the mousemat runs parallel to any pattern on your fabric to ensure it’s straight. Flip over and iron your fabric to the mousemat so the Bondaweb adheres, make sure you give it a good press.

photo 3

5) Trim around the edges of the fabric with a rotary cutter using the mouse mat as a guide for your blade.

photo 4

6) Dab some Fray Stoppa all the way around the edge of the fabric with your finger, brushing in the direction of the fabric threads.

Viola! Time to make your cup of tea 🙂

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 1 photo 5

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