Best Efforts Resolutions?

ImageHappy New Year! This is the traditional time to make New Year’s resolutions, did you make any? I haven’t made New Year resolutions for about 15 years now. I believe that some people are just not suited to them and  I gave up on resolutions as a pointless whim that I never kept past the end of January and just resulted in me feeling bad so I figured “why bother?!” Usually it never even crosses my mind but for some reason this year I have to admit I’ve been in the mind set of “well I’ll try and do a bit more of this thing, and a little less of thing next year” which has taken me a little by suprise to be honest but hey, I’m going to roll with it.  Instead of anything hard and fast that’s often unrealistic and results under parr feelings I’m keeping it real and channelling these thoughts in to “Best Efforts Resolutions”.

ImageI’m just going to talk about the sewing related Best Efforts Resolutions here and first in the spotlight are all of my UFOs (that is my UnFinished Objects). We all have them, don’t we? I have a terrible habit of stopping a project when I hit against a stumbling block; usually something like not having a clue what the pattern instructions are telling me to do, or repeatedly making the same mistake after a number of unpickings. A tea and cake break seems like the answer to calm the frustration levels and from then on returning to said project knowing I have an uphill climb from the off makes it incredibly unattractive and I just end up starting something else. I also tend to be very impulsive when I sew and decide in a single moment to sod the day’s plans as well as the list of  makes I’ve been adding to for the past 6 months as I simply *must*  make a tea cosy (even though I have 3), or something else a bit random. Sound familiar to anyone?

So my first Best Efforts Resolution is to finish all of my UFOs, eeeeep! Did I really say that out loud?! My heart is racing just thinking about it. Some of these items have been hanging around for years. Gulp. Scary, but it will be good for the soul  and I’m secretly looking forward to the sense of satisfaction I know will result.

ImageMy second Best Efforts Resolution is to sew at least one item for Christmas 2014 a month, starting this month. I always thought that people were bonkers sewing for Christmas so early but this year it all made sense. The time I usually start thinking about Christmas presents coincides with our busiest months at Plush Addict and I just don’t have all the time I’d like to sew gifts.  I’m determined to get ahead of the game this year by starting just as the decorations have come down. I am such a last minute kinda girl usually so I know I’m going to find this hard but I live in hope that my desire to make presents for my loved ones will supersede my general fly by the seat of my pants, last minute tendencies *crosses fingers*

There. I’ve written it down so it’s real and I’m answerable! I’m going to start by digging out and photographing all of my UFOs and making a list.

Perhaps you’d like to join me on a UFO challenge? We could get them finished together and spur each other along. What do you reckon?!

11 thoughts on “Best Efforts Resolutions?”

  1. I feel uplifted from around the solstice, knowing that longer days with more light are coming, I feel that I will. squeeze more out of each day and not squander, I forget easily, I human.

  2. Eeeek the UFO pile! Thats very brave…there are some in my UFO bag I could definitely do with completing…may have to join in this challenge.

  3. That’s a daunting plan – not sure I’m brave enough to sign up – but will follow with great interest!

  4. Makes me wonder where I should start in making presents for Christmas 2014 though. 2013 saw the ladies get purses and kindle cases, the children a soft toy and the gents ceramic plant markers. What next?!

    My UFO’s might begin to see the light of day, but my strongest resolve is to start sewing for the Christmas craft fayres now, not September! Then I might not be so wiped out next Christmas!

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