Ripstop Welly Wet Bag Tutorial

DSC_0275Well the wintry weather is definitely here and out come the wellies! All this rain = lots of mud, bah. Baby Plush has been having a whale of a time in the puddles in her wellies, and our doglet has enjoyed his muddy walks in the wood I got a tad tired of the mud coming off everywhere it shouldn’t be so I decided to knock up a wet bag made from ripstop for Baby Plush’s wellies.  It’s been great! I just bung the muddy wellies in the bag, the mud dries and comes off in the bag instead of in the car or in the house, and I can easily empty the dried mud. The strap means I can hang the wellies on our coat rack out of the way and none of our coats get muddy either, result! I made the bag quite a bit larger than her current wellies so it would be still good for a while yet too 🙂

Of course a bag like this could be used to aid any number of soggy incidents and isn’t just the reserve of the welly. If you’re not sure what ripstop is, or it’s qualities then check out this post about waterproof fabrics

Here’s how I did it…

You will need:

1 fat quarter of ripstop (this is ample for a child’s sized bag, you’ll need more for an adult size)

1 zip (length depends on the size of your bag)

KAM snap for the strap (optional)

Co-ordinating sewing thread 

Make It Easier With

Wonder Clips


Step 1

Take off a 3″ strip from your fabric. This is going to be used to make the strap.


Step 2

Make the strap. Fold your strip of fabric in half, and then bring the edges in to meet your half way line. Stitch along the length on both sides of the strap. Wonder Clips are a god send here, pins and ripstop don’t mix well! I used and edge joining foot to keep the seams very close to the edge and very straight.



Step 3

Fold over the ends of the strap and apply your KAM snap (if using). If you don’t want to use KAM snaps your strap won’t open to attach the bag to something else, but that’s no big problem 🙂


Step 4

Cut your ripstop in half, this makes applying the zip easier.


Step 5

Attach your zip. Lay the right side of the fabric on to the top of the zip and stitch using a zipper foot. Fold back your fabric exposing the zip teeth and top stitch. This will stop your fabric getting caught in the zipper teeth. you may find it helpful to lengthen your stitch length as you are now stitching through 2 layers of ripstop and a zip (I had mine at 3mm). Repeat on the other side.



Step 6

Place the strap near to the top of the bag so the majority is on the inside (I forgot and had to unpick my seams and sneak it it!)


Sew the 3 open sides of the bag making sure you leave the zip half open so you can turn the bag right side out. You can sew straight over the ends of the zip to seal the corners of the bag.


Step 7

Make boxed corners to give the bag a wider bottom and more room for your wellies (or other contents!) At the bottom of the bag fold the corners and match the seams. Measure approx 1.5″ from the point of the bag and draw a line. Stitch. Repeat for the other bottom corner


Trim off the excess. (Pinking blades ROCK btw! I can’t live without mine these days)


You are done! This can easily be sized to suit your needs and of course you don’t have to use it for wellies! It’d be great for many things from  housing a swimming kit, or for housing dirty items when you’re out and about.




15 thoughts on “Ripstop Welly Wet Bag Tutorial”

  1. How very spooky!! After coming home today from the Snowdome in the West Midlands I thought “Ooh I must have a go at making some welly bags” for my three boys!!! And what do I see when reading your blog for the first time in months is this tutorial!!!! Thank you for giving me a place to start! Now to but some Ripstop……..

  2. I sooo Love this!! Thanks so much for the wonderfull idea, defo going to make this!!!!

  3. Love this! If I wanted to make one for my wellies (adult 7) how large/wide should I make each rectangle of fabric to make the base large enough? Having a brain freeze on measurements. Have made my daughter one, which she loves, thank you!

  4. This is a lovely idea. I intended to make two of these, one each for my little girls. I followed the instructions without any tweaking and the finished bag is only just large enough to fit my 18 month old size 4 wellies in. Definitely not big enough for my 4 year old’s size 9s! I think I’ll use the bag for something else. Might be worth amending the tutorial to give a finished size if you use a fat quarter as described,

  5. I’ve spent a very pleasant afternoon making welly bags for me and my 2 boys. Very easy to follow instructions for a novice like myself. Just need to complete the set by making one big enough for my husband’s size 14 wellies! Thank you.

  6. I made up this bag this afternoon. I repurposed a previous ripstop bag make of mine which wasn’t being used. As I didn’t have the FQ size to guide me I used your 20cm zip size to cut my pieces. The finished size isn’t big enough for her wellies (she’s a small 2 year old) but it’s still useful as her shoes fit. Trying to work out where I’ve gone wrong I think I’ve worked out the size of a FQ of Ripstop (50x75cm?) so re-reading your tutorial if you cut your FQ in half for your bag size I’m wondering whether you used a 30cm zip rather than a 20cm as stated? Sorry if I’m wrong and I’ve just questioned your tutorial needlessly.

    1. Hi Michelle, sorry you’ve had with this trouble and I really hope I’ve not messed up! Alas the bag I made has been eaten by our garage over the summer months and I don’t know where it is to check. It could well have bene typo – I’m so sorry if it is, I’m going to take that bit out in case 🙁

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