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Baby Plush has recently got into drawing in a big way, apart from being irresistibly cute toddling around insisting she put crayon to paper it’s amazing how it can keep her occupied, quiet and still for such a long time and she’s not yet even 2. Always one to jump on any opportunity for 5 minutes of peace and quiet I figured it’d be silly not to make her a crayon roll which I can just pop in my bag when we are out and about and so far it’s a huge hit.

Crayon rolls are super easy to make and you can knock one up in about half an hour (have you gathered I quite like these super speedy makes yet?!), here’s how I did mine.

What you need:

3 co-ordinating pieces of fabric 13 x 5 inches (I used fabrics from the Hello Tokyo Collection from Robert Kaufman)

1 piece of medium weight iron on interfacing 13 x 5 inches

1 piece of matching ribbon about 24 inches long

Matching sewing thread. I always use Guttermann Sew All Thread


Step 1

Take the interfacing and iron in on to the wrong side of fabric C which will make the inside lining of your pencil roll


Step 2

Fold Fabric B in half length ways and iron

photo 2

Step 3

Take your folded fabric B and place it on to the lining fabric C matching the bottom edges of the fabrics together.  Next draw lines in tailors chalk starting 1 1/4 inch from one short end and then at 3/4 inch intervals until you reach the other side.  Starting in the middle (in case your fabric shifts) sew down each line in a co-ordinating thread, these will make the pockets for your crayons.


Step 4 

Fold your ribbon in half and sew it in to one side of the crayon roll. I used a triple stitch to ensure it’s secure

photo 4

Step 5

Place the outer fabric (fabric A) onto the other pieces of fabric so that the right sides are together and sew around the edges ensuring you leave an opening of a couple of inches so you can turn the right way. Snip the corners.


Step 6

Nearly there! Turn your fabric out through the hole you left and press, ensuring the opening is pressed flush and even to the rest of your sewn crayon roll. Top stitch all the way around ensuring your opening is sewn closed and fill with your crayons!


DSC_0078 DSC_00762.DSC_0072

10 thoughts on “Crayon Roll Tutorial”

  1. This looks really simple – I’m going to make some slight adjustments & use it for crochet hooks.
    Would it be possible to include metric measurements in addition to the imperial?

  2. Even easier for little fingers to wrap up if you put elastic loop instead of ribbob; big success with my grandchildren!

  3. Thank you for a great tutorial that includes pictures! It gives me a headache when tutorials don’t have pictures.

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