Sewing Machine Love

My new baby

Lookie! Lookie! Isn’t she beautiful? I can’t believe I’ve managed to snag myself this amazing Singer 201k today at a car boot sale! The price for this beautiful bounty was only £6, whoop! I am especially bowled over  as I have been coveting a Singer 201 for ages on eBay. Look at her beautiful face plate in all it’s shiny engraved glory. I couldn’t decide between one like this, or a later more retro looking model from the 1960s but the decision is clearly now made.

Typing the serial number in to the Singer website tells me that she was manufactured in 1949. She is missing the power lead and will need a good service but for that price I think I’ll let her have it deluxe. Luckily I’ve found Alex Askaroff who was recommended by Claire over at My Little Patch who also has one of these machines and suggested one when I was looking for a machine that will handle  pretty much anything I throw at it (these machines can sew through 8 layers of leather and don’t need a walking foot for plush (minky) fabric… enough said)  Luckily Alex is quite close and has already confirmed he can service her, he also tells a brilliant history of this machine on his website. He claims that the Singer 201k is  the best home sewing machine ever manufactured. I’ll have some of that thankyouplease!

Swoon. I feel blessed. Can’t wait to get her going.


11 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Love”

  1. Wow what a beauty, I have a Singer on display in my front room, she is a non runner at the moment (I think its just a fuse) and I can’t remember what model /age she is. From what I was told she is the first electric model they made. Joining in with the *swoon*Ing x

      1. I’ve just looked again and mine is a 201k also, except mine is a 1945 model 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m jealous – I’ve been coveting one of these myself. I recently bought a very cool Saber Vimatic which was made around the same time. It’s a British machine that looks almost exactly like the Singer and is also made of cast iron (sooo heavy!), but it’s a cool turquoise colour with the pretty silver trim and I just couldnt’ resist it. I took it to be serviced and the repairman (who has been repairing machines for 35 years) loved it. Said it would probably outlive me. 🙂 I bought it mainly to sew on leather, but to be honest I use it more than my Brother now. That said, I still secretly covet a Singer – just not as urgently now. Hope yours is treating you well!!

    1. That’s sounds beautiful, maybe you could share a picture on Plush Addicts Facebook page so Kellie and I can swoooon?? X

  3. She looks like the machine I learnt to sew on! My Mum Pxed her for a new machine. I was furious- I would have paid to have her- that was in the 1970s! Love her. Green eyes over here!

  4. Hello! I love your new machine, she very beautiful! I was wondering if you could post a link to the singer website
    Brahe where you enter the serial number….. Call me dense, but I just can’t seem to g
    Find it!
    Thanks Ali

  5. I’ve inherited 2 Singers from my mother and grandmother dated 1918 and 1939 and they are beauties. Have you managed to find a source for the appropriate needles to use? I’d be really grateful to know.

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